9 Months of evolution, expansion, & elevation with Sisterhood

But you’re spending all your time working in your business, rather than ON it and you're forgetting that becoming that CEO is an inside job that starts with the woman you are.

You have a drive to make more money, unlock greater time freedom, and step into a bigger impact,

The CEO inside of you needs an upgrade. 

Craving Connection
Individualized Mentorship
In-Person Collaboration
Next-Level Strategy &

this is for the woman who is...

all through a holistic lens that never once forgets she's a woman first. 

High level accountability for your goals & the CEO moves you’ll be making in a space where every woman is GOING FIRST

Optimization of your behind the scenes - from your hiring, online and personal systems, and exponential growth potential

Legacy & wealth development that will heal your relationship with money, scale your business for the long haul, and transform how you ‘CEO’ for good

Mastermind GOLD – collective enhancement brought to you by multiple minds, platforms, resources and support from each other

Leadership development that is required to take your business to the next level of multiplied & sustainable revenue streams 

Personalized clearing - internally and externally - enabling you to work ON your business more than you work IN your business

Individualized strategy and mentorship to ensure you are building a business aligned with YOU that is done your own way

Exceptional holistic additives -  the CEO you desire to be is a result of the WOMAN you are. Mental health, wellness, relationships, and more are all part of this journey 


With an emphasis on inner healing, energetic calibration and aligned strategy - I support women through finding aligned success that flows with ease and unlocks true presence and meaning in their lives.  Abundance is found when we break the generational cycles keeping us stuck and tap into our own intuitive brilliance as our key to the more we all desire.

Tap into your intuitive brilliance so you can have it all without doing it all. The best way to do business is by doing it your way.


ash mcdonald

CEO & Your Mentor

  • Monthly group strategy calls designed to leverage the power of a mastermind (think multiple minds, resources, and platforms)

  • Monthly virtual integration calls to maximize action & results as a collective

  • Group Voxer with intimate access to Ash for questions & coaching

  • Four 60-minute 1:1 calls with Ash

  • A luxury CEO retreat with curated group + alone time to work ON your business (over $6K value)

  • Guest experts covering topics like: elevating your visibility organically, hiring and building your team, designing customer experiences, investing and building wealth as a CEO, systems & backend optimization, and so much more {curated to the needs of the group}



  • 9 month container in 2024

  • 4-Day luxury in-person retreat



The Container

The Retreat

  • You get yourself there, I'll take care of the rest. Location announced soon

  • All lodging included

  • All meals and snacks covered

  • Fascia and nervous system care

  • Feminine movement and breath workshop

  • Guided mindful journaling session for repatterning and breakthrough

  • Branding photo shoots and video content creation blocks

  • Intuitive card readings

  • Mastermind strategy sessions where we go all-in on you

  • Ample time to work on your business, rather than in it

  • Celebratory meal and ceremony to anchor it all in


Luxury Retreat






Frequently Asked Questions


The first step is to complete the application. That will give an indication around what you are interested in taking away from the program. Then there is the unknown of whether my work will be a good fit for you, so my team and I will review your application in great detail and address any questions you may have. There is no guarantee that your application will be accepted. If I think that this program can benefit you, I will let you know. And from that point it will be based on the order that the applications and payments are received.

How will you decide how to fill the spots?


The short The longer answer...maybe! I always choose comfortable, gorgeous and spacious retreat locations and you may have the option to add on a private room upgrade at checkout if that is important to you! You will have your own bed no matter what space you are in and I promise the sisterhood connections you will make will be priceless.

Will I have my own bedroom & bathroom at the retreat?


Absolutely! I've been traveling the world with my family for months now and make all my programs accessible virtually. That being said, the retreat portion of this program is happening in Austin, Texas in the United States and your investment does not change whether or not you can attend the retreat.

I live outside of the U.S., can I still join this program?


Reach out to and we'll get you an answer!

Have another question related to this container, or about my work?


Breakthroughs are exciting! Clarity is invigorating. AND this deep inner work can release a lot of unexpected things. Sometimes the path to these things is blocked and the removal of the blockage can find a release through tears, exclamations, laughter, or something else entirely. As a former therapist, I've seen it all. It is hard to predict what the effect will be for each individual. I promise that my intention is to keep things light and relaxed, yet intentional.

Is it scary? Should I expect to cry?


The short answer is, "Yes!" All enrollees will be offered two, 45 minute 1:1 calls with Ash throughout the program. This provides added value beyond the retreat experience & virtual group Voxer. For those who would like more focused one-on-one support, you might be eligible to work with Ash directly/longer term, depending on the goal, and we would be happy to work with you to determine the frequency and duration that would be most beneficial!

Is there ongoing, one-on-one support offered to keep me accountable?


Craving Connection
Individualized Mentorship
In-Person Collaboration
Next-Level Strategy &

this is for the woman who is...

all through a holistic lens that never once forgets she's a woman first. 



payment plans available

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