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Therapeutic Practices and business strategies to ensure your next move is the best move for you.


  • My process for creating the outward shifts that alter your internal experience

  • How to embody what you teach, what you offer, & what you sell with integrity in mind

  • My tried and true ‘business standards’ that make selling easy

  • How to break past the barriers of any conditioning holding you back

  • How you can regulate your emotions and consistently show up for your business

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I'm Ash McDonald.
a Therapeutic Business Coach and 3 time founder with 10+ years of entrepreneurial experience & 2 Masters degrees.

Through a psychology-backed, strategic approach I help women build sustainable, energy-protecting businesses that are ethical, individualized, and profitable. 

Everything we do is filtered through a human-first lens and considers the emotional wellness of both the CEO and the consumer. I’m a therapist, but for your business...because when you’re building something unshakeable, it starts with the roots.

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