Welcome to the program where your offer suite is optimized, retention is the name of the game, and your selling strategy and selling capacity is finally giving you the results you desire.

  • You’re a coach or service pro
  • You want an offer suite that wows & delights your clients
  • You deeply desire retention & sustainable income
  • You’re ready to simplify & maximize your selling process
  • You know wild profitability is in your future 
  • You agree that constant personal growth is a standard

this is for you if...

  • You have multiple offers already
  • You’ve hired business coaches
  • You have a visibility strategy in deployment
  • You’re tired of the cookie-cutter approach 

&& I know this isn’t your first rodeo…

How do I know??
because i've Been there.

So many of my clients, and myself, have experienced what happens when your business + offer suite is out of alignment.

It wasn’t until I took myself through the process that I share inside this program that I was able to go from $10K months to $40K months & beyond while living in complete alignment with my business & personal values + desires.

Inside this program, I am going to give you an unfiltered look at how I have sustained over 70% retention, more than doubled my revenue, and maximized my time while cutting down to 10-15 hours/week in my business. 

  • Breakthrough common CEO roadblocks
  • Unlock higher levels of creativity 
  • Build offers that WOW your clients

Learn how to:

  • Maximize ‘behind-the-scenes’ selling approaches 
  • Develop creative cash injection strategies 
  • Increase your confidence around selling

Hi - I’m Ash!

I’m a Therapist, Business Coach and 3 time founder. My work is greatly informed by the 2 Masters degrees I hold in Sociology & Counseling Psychology, as well as the 10+ years I have spent as an entrepreneur. After building a successful private practice & consulting business, I moved into the online business space and have since generated over $1 million dollars in revenue over the last 3.5 years. I am deeply passionate about helping female founders build ethical & sustainable businesses that create global impact through a psych-backed, human-first approach.

My ability to create over one-million dollars in revenue came from my focus on customer experience & the power of retention. In fact, in 2022, over 60% of my total revenue came from returning clients. Inside this program, I'm going to show you how.

All that to say…I have a ton of experience when it comes to creating offer suites that entice & delight your people to establish retention and sustainable success. 

Mastered a higher level of creativity and confidence when it comes to your offers, your business as a whole, and YOUR art of selling.

Fully stepped into embodiment of the leader you were made to be and the powerful AF woman you already are.

A value packed & retention minded offer suite you’re obsessed with and can’t stop talking about with no brainer offers for your ideal clients & YOUR ideal business.

Complete ease in how you sell & call-in clients because you're so damn aligned in your business & so maximized in the ways you call-in abundance.

After overflow you'll have:

That’s exactly why I created Overflow—so you can leave behind the days of *crickets* in your DMs for good & sell out your offers with ease.

You can listen as many times as you want ‘cause you get lifetime access

You get integration work to take the trainings to the next level

You can speed trainings up or slow them down (I’m a 2x listener, how 'bout you?)

You get access to pre-recorded trainings and response trainings with added value

You can tune in on your own time with ease via the podcast platform of your choice

This is a private podcast course so…


In part two, together, we’re going to build an offer suite that wows and delights your clients with retention as the name of the game! You’ll see the detailed backend of my very own offer suite – aka how I maximized my retention and doubled my revenue. I also share the real-real low moments, imposter syndrome, and fear I navigate through as a CEO + how you can do the same. Find clarity around your ideas & offers, audit your own business, create secret menu offers & simplify everything!

PART 2: The Structure to Scale

In part one of this private podcast course I’ll share my best therapeutic practices and business strategies for getting over the most common CEO roadblocks so you can start making moves & scaling your legacy immediately. Dive into your business values, learn the importance of embodying the results of your business offers, create your own set of daily standards, release internal conditioning, and own your emotions through nervous system regulation tools!

PART 1: The Leader is the Legacy

In the final part of this private podcast course we will cover the strategy for selling out the optimized offer suite that you just built, including unique strategies for selling your "secret menu offers" & earn you massive cash injections. Then we’ll increase your selling capacity - both mentally & strategically - which includes the energetics of selling for lasting success.

PART 3: The Seamless Selling Strategy 


2 payments of


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This membership might be a good choice for you if you are interested in getting OVERFLOW + 11 OTHER POTENT PROGRAMS {and so much more}. Tune into this video to see a behind-the-scenes look at the Empire Society - A place that merges the strategy & support you crave with the human connection you’re yearning for.


12 value packed PROGRAMS + behind-the-scenes real coaching moments!

If creating a mind-blowing offer suite & selling process is what’s holding you back from building the business of your dreams…then this is for you.