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Passive programs

This hands on program will help you amplify your expertise, create a profitable product suite and a drool worthy customer experience that turns your community into ride-or-die lifelong clients. Amplify your recurring revenue and then maximize your selling game with a brand that builds obsession and strategy backed by sales psychology. 

Innovate | $297

Timeless | $197

In this program, you’ll receive the tools to activate emotional resilience so you can cultivate sustainable speed inside your business. You’ll acquire habits that help you increase your capacity and efficiency while reducing overwhelm. And, you’ll become the master of intentionality turning your energy from scattered to focused. This is the behind-the-scenes of how I make multiple 6 figures while working 15 hours or less in my business each week.

Overflow | $247

Build offers that WOW your clients, maximize ‘behind-the-scenes’ selling approaches & creative cash injection strategies, and increase your confidence around selling so you can casually watch your bank overflow. Inside this program I am going to give you an unfiltered look at how I have sustained over 70% retention, more than doubled my revenue, and maximized my time while cutting down to 10-15 hours/week in my business.

or get all these and more inside:

The empire society

A Membership that helps conscious leaders build sustainable businesses that go beyond typical industry standards. Built on the principles of psychology-backed strategies, client-first methodologies, and real human connection… The Empire Society is a community of female founders desiring to do business differently.

Get instant access to 12+ programs & resources that cover the deep business strategy you desire like building brand awareness, creating a profitable product suite, harnessing your time & energy, and mastering your mindset, monthly coffee chats for community support, the Empire Musings broadcast where you can get questions answered, PLUS bonuses & giveaways with so much value. 

This society is for female founders who want strategic business support at their own pace & who desire 1:1 support without the 1:1 price tag.

“This has been the best investment I have made. Big call I know. The realness, the no bullshit, say it how it is but say it with love, the mix of therapist & business coach is just perfect.” - Kylie, Empire Society Member

The Mastermind


Individualized & psychology-backed support helping you build a profitable, ethical, and energy-protecting business. It's therapy for you & your business.

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