THE flow lab

Unlock your personalized success blueprint for energy, productivity, and simplicity through the power of Cyclical Alignment. 

It's time...

Stop trying to be the same woman everyday and start being the in-flow CEO you were made to be.

Does this sound familiar?

“The perfect morning routine will get me the life I want…”

"That you are supposed to show up the same way every single day…"

These are common misconceptions that women live with in a society that was set up specifically for men. Women operate on a 28 DAY cycle while men operate on a 24 HOUR cycle!

This means you are not MADE to show up the same way every single day. I'm here to show you WHY and HOW you can start showing up in alignment with your natural feminine flow.

“The more you DO, the more successful you’ll be..."

have you ever been told:

have you ever THOUGHT:

have you ever ASSUMED:

The premier step-by-step guide to master cyclical alignment so you can feel AND be your best!

What does it mean to align with your cycle?

Simply put, it's the practice of eating, exercising, & operating according to your menstrual cycle. Hormone fluctuations throughout the month play a crucial role in how our bodies, minds, and emotions respond to external circumstances.

Cyclical Alignment helps you biohack your cycle by laying out nutrition, exercise, business practices, and social interactions throughout the month to take advantage of the different hormone profiles you experience as a woman.

In practice: Cyclical alignment means a calendar that brings you joy, a business that grows without sacrifice, and a personal life that feels aligned & fulfilling.

Cyclical Alignment is the concept of making lifestyle choices according to your menstrual cycle & biological needs.

When you're living in alignment everything feels like it flows.

This first-of-its-kind, once-in-a-lifetime DIY course is all about getting you to live in cyclical alignment as the in-flow CEO you were BORN to be. How do I know you were born for this? Because I know you, friend, and I know you are destined for greatness when you have the right tools and systems in place to help you beat burnout before it begins.

3 in-depth, easy-to-follow modules

Detailed instructional videos

Lifetime access to the course

Print outs so you can follow along

Guidance to create your cyclical blueprint

Guest Expert trainings

the details

Kind Words

Unlocking the secret of your cycle that has been misunderstood for years & finally understanding the WHY behind energy, moods, and the rhythm of your body, is truly freeing and empowering! Everything I've learned from Ash is priceless & I recommend her to every female out there!


Business Mentor

If you are a woman, you need this information! I feel so much more centered and aligned because I am living authentically. The self discovery & cyclical work you do opens your eyes to so many possibilities. Ash helped me discover a hidden key to my success that I never knew about!


Nurse Mentor

She provided me with incredible knowledge about my cycle & reminded me that I am the author of my own story and I can rewrite it at any time. She gave me hope that things would change and belief that I could change them. Ashley’s guidance & mentorship was priceless.


Nurse Mentor

The step by step guide to unlocking your personalized success blueprint for energy, productivity, and simplicity through the power of Cyclical Alignment.

This course is for you if:

You are tired of feeling overwhelmed.

You're sick of feeling like you're on an emotional rollercoaster.

You feel crazy & never know which version of yourself to expect.

You're super productive one day and a slug the next and you have no idea why.

You are willing to invest in yourself in order to reach the next level & live your best life.

The Flow Lab will give you the confidence to finally shatter your shame & limiting beliefs and start living in true alignment with your highest self with more energy & presence for the moments that matter most.

Whether or not you're on birth control, your hormones still fluctuate and you need to follow your feminine flow.

(Hey, go you!)

You are content with where you're at.

You don't have the capacity to start implementing what you may learn.

You are looking for a quick fix that will solve all your problems.

You aren't open to trying new things.

You feel like you're already living in flow & your energy and productivity are at their peak. 

this course is not for you if:

What if you could...

Create a blueprint for how to live in alignment with YOU & your unique needs?

Take back control of your emotions?

Harness your energy so you could work smarter, not harder?

Feel like your best self every single day?

Join me inside The Flow Lab to learn exactly what steps you can take everyday to start living ambitiously aligned with a newfound sense of ease, flow, and purpose.

My Name is Ash.

I am on a mission to change the way women know themselves, see themselves, & activate the highest level of themselves.

I take a different approach than most when it comes to teaching you how to align with your cycle because I don’t believe in adding more to your to-do list but rather, creating a simplified process that nurtures ease and alignment for you.
Listen - you were not made to be the same person every day. There is a cyclical blueprint inside of you that can show you exactly who you were made to be, how to harness your natural gifts, and what true alignment really feels like. 

I'm here to tell you that pushing yourself to keep going when you're exhausted is NOT the way to live the life you want and deserve.

Let me show you an easier way!

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Let me introduce myself:




Dr Meghan Gray









It's time to uncover your unique cyclical blueprint in the Flow Lab - a course that will teach you the fundamentals of how to align with your cycle & live in harmony with your hormones.

Before The Flow Lab

After The Flow Lab

You're getting more done without feeling exhausted, optimizing your health, and making your workouts work for you, while still having energy for your favorite activities. You really can do it all when you're intentional about your energy & actions and living in alignment with your natural feminine flow.

You’re exhausted, spread too thin, riding crazy waves of emotions, and tired of feeling great one day & like you’ve been hit by a truck the next day. Sometimes your productivity is award winning and other times you can’t even write an email without feeling burnt out. Does any of this sound familiar??

Picture This...

Aligning with your cycle will take you from struggling entrepreneur to in-flow CEO.

What will the cost be if you don’t find your flow?

As a woman, your energy ebbs and flows throughout the month, meaning some phases of your cycle might help you be the life of the party, while others allow you to embrace your inner spreadsheet guru.

Generational change

Confidence & limiting beliefs

Constant burn out

Negative impact on your VIPs

The Flow lab will give you the foundational tools you have always deserved. I am going to teach you how to develop your own personal cyclical blueprint.


By the end of this course you'll have....

It's time to optimize your fitness routine and plan your workouts with your cycle so you can hit all of your health goals. No more one step forward, two steps back!

Nourish your flow & optimize your health with a deep understanding of what your body needs based on your cycle including easy to follow grocery lists & meal plans.

It's time to break through your limiting beliefs & ditch shame for good by practicing healthy new stories with your new cyclical awareness & personalized alignment.

Gain the knowledge & insights you need with step-by-step instructions to balance your hormones naturally so you can gain back control of your energy & your emotions.





All those period symptoms you've been told are normal - they're not! I'll tell you everything you need to know to make your period your favorite week of the month


We will be focusing on your strengths as a woman & capitalizing on your natural masculine & feminine energy to make you more productive with less effort & less stress.


Pay In full

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$122/ 2 payments

Don't let finances hold you back from the flow you deserve! We've broken it down into 2 payments just for you! 

​​Simple & easy! Pay in full now and get started on your cyclical alignment journey!

The Investment


pay in full


​​Simple & easy! Pay in full now and get started on your cyclical alignment journey!

The Investment


payment plan

Don't let finances hold you back from the flow you deserve! We've broken it down into 2 payments just for you! 

$122/ 2 payments

This is your turning point from tired & overwhelmed to energetic & aligned


What if I'm brand new to or just getting started with Cycle Syncing (or as I like to call it: Cyclical Alignment)?

Perfect! This course is for you because it covers the foundational tools you need to successfully master cycle syncing in your own life.

What if I don't get a period/I'm on birth control?

Got you covered here too! The information is still ESSENTIAL for you! This course covers a way to sync with your cycle for those who don't get a naturally occurring or regular period. Surprise, girl, you STILL have hormones that fluctuate EVEN if you're on bc ;)

How long is the course? 

The course contains three, easy-to-follow, modules broken up into 14 bite-sized videos that will be available to you all at the same time so you can go as fast or as leisurely as you'd like.

Begin your transformation from overwhelmed entrepreneur to In-Flow-CEO