Episode 24: Finding Your Synergistic Strategy For Success

Filed in All Episodes, Business Strategy, Emotional Intelligence — March 22, 2022

About the Episode

As I record this episode of the Shamelessly Ambitious Podcast, I am in this beautiful house in Washington experiencing yet another full-circle moment. When I first launched this podcast, some of my first episodes were recorded in this very house, in Washington, on my solo trip! This place is an energetic vortex for me and I am ecstatic to be back here, sitting in the same exact place, as I record episode 24 of season two.

How surreal. 

When this episode goes live I will just be completing my second Accelerator program, the Washington Edition. I got to spend nine glorious days in Washington in total, and about a full week here before my Accelerator gals even arrived. There is a reason for this that you’ll hear me share more about as you listen. And, like most things that I do, I did it very intentionally.

That is my synergistic strategy for success…allowing the BEING to come before the DOING.

And playing with the convergence of both the masculine and the feminine. There is power in igniting both these energies in a way where they flow together to create absolute MAGIC and that’s what this episode is all about. 

When you truly find the synergy between your unique masculine and feminine energy, you unlock your code to the limitless success you’ve always dreamed of. I’m sharing this because it is the key, my friend, that has ignited so much in me and around me. 

Thank you for being here. Please share with me what you get out of this episode <3 My DMs are always open!


  • Being before doing
  • Synergistic strategy
  • Merging the masculine and the feminine
  • The reality behind the “do less and make more” marketing
  • Finding your unique codes to success
  • Allowing your feminine to be your guide
  • Uncovering the BEING to find the strategy of the DOING
  • Why I am calling my new Mastermind Rooted Ascension
  • How Rooted Ascension will help you unlock and activate YOUR synergistic strategy for success

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