Episode 87: Creating More Money As A Result Of More Everyday Obsession

Filed in Podcast, Wealth Building — May 23, 2023

Ahh! Oh my gosh, welcome back!! Shamelessly Ambitious podcast is back!

I’m thrilled to be here with you and I’ve got some exciting news… We’re taking this podcast to the next level with two episodes per week! So, to kick it off, let’s talk about income goals and how you can achieve them.

Often, we get caught up in focusing solely on the money. While it’s important to have financial goals, solely fixating on them can lead to burnout and disappointment. Nowww, I’m not telling you not to have income goals, in fact I’m saying dream big baby! But enjoy every single step of the way, not just the moment you achieve your goals. So, my friend, I invite you to shift your perspective and redirect your attention to the journey itself — and romanticize it. It’s not just about reaching the destination; it’s about who you get to become along the way.

We tend to lose sight of our purpose and identity when our sole focus is on monetary gains. So, instead of being blinded by the numbers, let’s fall in love with the entire experience of building a business. Let’s romanticize the daily tasks, the social media posts, the client interactions, and everything in between.

Consider this — how would your experience change if you were truly excited about every aspect of your business? (Yesss, even paying those CEO business taxes. FML.) What if you could find joy and fulfillment in those seemingly monotonous tasks? Weekly meetings and planning, content creation, and payroll. It’s all about shifting your energy and perspective.

Being strategic in your business is crucial. Take the time to evaluate how you’ll reach your income goals. Are there specific programs or services you’ll offer? Break down the steps and create a clear roadmap. But remember, it’s not just about delivering the strategy, but it’s about infusing every action with enthusiasm and passion. This is where you deliver the energetics that light you up inside your business every damn day.

Yes, being the CEO requires dedication and focus. But it also demands that you find ways to enjoy the journey. Make it juicy. Make it exciting, Make it energizing. Infuse your tasks with a sense of playfulness and creativity. Let your excitement and energy shine through in every interaction. && while it’s essential to be the energetic match for your goals, it’s equally as essential to make the journey enjoyable. You don’t want to get to your income goal only to look back and see you were miserable the whole time. Find ways to make client interactions, sales, and other necessary tasks fun and fulfilling. YOUR energy and enthusiasm are what truly sell your products or services. People invest in you because of your energy, remember that.

My friend, now’s the time to determine your strategy and the steps required to achieve your massive income goals. But don’t forget to fall in love with the journey itself and who you’re becoming along the way. Embrace every moment.

This is part one. In the next two episodes we’ll explore income goals and the steps to achieving them. We’ll also discuss the importance of a “business runway” — what the heck is that? It’s something that will help you with what to do with the money you make, honey. The topics in this 3-part series are vital for building a scalable and sustainable business that’s going to leave your legacy behind for years to come.

Thank you for being here, and if you don’t want to miss any episodes, be sure to follow us on your favorite podcast platform. If you’re enjoying the show, drop us a five-star rating, and as a thank you, I’ll give you a free course called FOCUSED. Just leave a review, screenshot it, and send it to me on Instagram.

Now go out there, break some damn rules, have a ton of fun, and blow the lid off your business! I believe in your success, your way. Love you so much!

Rooting for you always,


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