Episode 27: My Husband’s Take On Being Ambitious & Devoted

Filed in Business Strategy, Emotional Intelligence, Podcast — April 12, 2022

About the Episode

Welcome back to the Shamelessly Ambitious Podcast. Today’s episode is an interview with my husband and I am so excited to share it with you all! We recently celebrated 8 years of marriage, 12 and a half years together in total, and some major business & life milestones. 

If you’ve been hanging out here – you’ve heard that these celebrations don’t come without their fair share of hardships, as well. Jake and I are sitting down to recap everything we’ve been through together and give you our take on what it means to be both ambitious and devoted in our relationship. 

We’re talking about all the juicy stuff: what it’s been like being married to me, how parenting does NOT come naturally to either of us, how we handle guilt and judgment from others to ultimately put our relationship first, and so much more. I want to get into it shamelessly, have the conversations that more people ought to be having, and maybe spark conversations between you and your partner as well. 

So without further ado, tune in and meet my husband: Jake. We’re so excited to have you here!


  • What it’s like being married to a shamelessly ambitious woman
  • Jake’s advice for the men who are struggling with their partner’s success 
  • How you can take radical responsibility and support your partner
  • When your partner doesn’t support you in the big moves & investments you want to make
  • What it looks like to be devoted to your relationship as well as to yourself 
  • Parenting as an ambitious couple

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Ash McDonald is a multi 6-figure CEO, mom of three, and therapist turned business mentor. She knows what it takes to put life before business & how to help you do the same.

With an emphasis on aligned strategy, energetic calibration, inner healing, and structures that allow for creative flow - Ash has supported hundreds of women in building life-first businesses that unlock true presence & meaning in their lives while increasing their financial abundance. She believes success is found when we break the generational cycles that are keeping us stuck & consciously build a business that honors our desires. She knows it’s time to truly do business differently and live life on your own terms & she leads by example.

Ash believes every woman is unique and therefore requires a unique approach. She is here to help you break the “rules” that society has formed & tap into your own intuitive brilliance so you can have it all without doing it all. The best way to do business is by doing what works best for YOU.

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