Episode 31: The Actual Key to Preventing And Fighting Off Burnout

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About the Episode

You may have noticed (or let’s be real – you’re probably as busy as me and had no idea!) that last week a new episode of Shamelessly Ambitious didn’t come out as it normally does. I changed my mind about recording last week’s episode because I was sick, slammed with behind-the-scenes tasks getting ready for our move to Costa Rica, and simply could not fit it in without stressing myself to the max.

In the past, I would have pushed through at all costs… But I dropped the “I do hard things” motto after finally realizing that’s how I kept ending up in burnout over, and over again.

Which brings me to this episode, where I’m talking about the actual key to preventing and fighting off burnout. And it’s not what you’d expect! My anti-burnout remedy is not about doing MORE self-care. My friend, today I want to introduce you to the concept of emotional power and truly invite you to recognize that your emotional power has the greatest impact on your business and ability to thrive. 

Being a CEO requires you to have perseverance. In order to be someone who can persevere, you have to be standing in your highest power. Perseverance is not “doing it no matter what” – it’s doing it in alignment and doing what feels good. It’s honoring your highest energy and owning your emotional power. Tune in to learn all the juicy details! Thanks for listening.


  • Signs that you might be experiencing burnout
  • What causes burnout
  • Taking back your emotional power
  • Why self-care does not solve burnout
  • 4 steps to gain back your emotional power
  • How perception has the ability to change your reality
  • Embracing healing in a positive, pacient, and compassionate way

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