Episode 37: Why I Tell My Clients to Drop Their “Niches” [Inside POTENT]

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About the Episode

Welcome back to the Shamelessly Ambitious Podcast! Today’s episode is coming straight out of POTENT, one of my favorite programs I’ve hosted so far. Potent was a Voxer-only (the walkie-talkie app) social media strategy class that I ran a few weeks ago. This is part two of one of the epic trainings from within this program. I’m going to introduce you to one of the most important aspects of building visibility and authority so that your bank account overflows and your DMs are filled with the most soul-aligned clients

And, I’ll help you create content that feels fun and easy. It’s 80% the energetics of it all, and 20% the actual strategy. When you’re done with this episode you’ll have real, tangible action steps to take your social media presence to the next level!! Thanks for listening. Thanks for being here.


  • Why I tell all my clients to throw niches and content buckets out the window
  • Calling in the most soul-aligned clients
  • Moving past the fear of “giving away too much” for free
  • The most important question you can ask yourself when creating content
  • Possibility marketing vs. pain point marketing
  • Serving versus inviting your audience

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Attract clients with ease, show up on social media with clarity and confidence, and create the most potent & magnetizing content aligned with your personal energy & cyclical power. 

Social media is SUCH an incredible platform and when you truly feel that way on the inside, it is reflected on the outside. You’ll notice the ease with which aligned connections flow to you when you find yourself loving the space you’re holding online.

You’ll feel EXCITED to show up on social media, confident in who are & what you offer, totally aligned with what you’re sharing and why you’re sharing it, in love with the process of selling, and find yourself with an inbox overflowing with the most soul-aligned clients ever. 

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I am the definition of duality—I swear like a sailor and break rules like it’s my job, but I also hold incredible space for my clients and work my ass off to help them achieve the success they’re after (but faster).

My background in counseling and my experience founding three multi-6-figure businesses gives me a unique perspective on what it means to show up and serve as an ethical and successful CEO. Leaning on my experiences, along with the experiences of the hundreds of women I’ve been honored to work with, I offer founders a psych-backed and human-first approach to scaling their legacies—both in and out of the office. 

I don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to anything, but especially business. Because at the foundation of any profitable, sustainable, ethically sound business is one thing: humans being humans. And to do anything without first considering the human behind the action (i.e., with intention and vulnerability) is to remove our most powerful predictor of success—ourselves.

Around here, you’ll find a personalized and multidimensional client experience paired with a few tastefully dropped fucks. You’ll also find a new way of being in business that’s sustainable, ethical, and built around your life (not the other way around).

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