Episode 90: What Worked Before Might Not Be What Works Again

Filed in All Episodes, Business Strategy — May 30, 2023

Today I have a little story time for ya. I want to share with you what happened to me and my business when I hit my biggest income month ever. && it might surprise you.

I will forever be shouting from the rooftops when I do big ass shit like hit $70k cash in one month. I truly believe if you don’t hold room to be proud of yourself, no one else has room to be proud of you either. So I say we just make this the standard when it comes to female entrepreneurs  — we should always be willing and able and ALWAYS going to stand up and shout from the rooftops anytime we do something big.

When I hit my highest income month in my business EVER — my family and I were finishing up our stent as digital nomads in London. I celebrated this accomplishment soooo big and let me tell you, it was a total vibe. Being in London during the holidays was pure magic alone, so adding this $70k cherry on top of the cake was just… amazing.

But in full transparency, December was really hard for me. I was just done with digital nomad living, I was at my wit’s end, I was tired, and I needed to find solitude in being in my own space. By December, I had been hopping around from one Airbnb to the next and I was just over it. My kids were kinda over it at this point too and we all know how cranky kids get. In efforts to make things better, my best friend and her family came to join us in London which was just the breath of fresh air I needed.

During this time I took 2 full weeks off of work so I could be fully present in our last month as digital nomads before heading back to America. When I was working, I kept strict boundaries at around 10 hours per week inside my business… Again, it was the holiday season and I wanted to soak up every last minute. Even only working basically 20 hours in December, I ended the month with $70k cash in the bank. Pretty wild. On top of that, when I ended 2022, I had already locked in ~$150k contracted, recurring revenue for 2023. Remember when I said I was celebrating BIG?!

Going into 2022, one of my goals was to create longevity and sustainability throughout my business so at the end of 2022 when I saw that contracted, recurring revenue I could take a deep breath because my hard work and patience had finally paid off. I did it! I created longevity within my business. So this is where I come in with a rather vulnerable message. Truthfully, it’s always a little vulnerable when showing the BTS, but I am so excited to pull the curtain back and let you be a part of this journey with me. Back to the vulnerability. When I entered the month of January and unbeknownst to me, I was subconsciously creating this belief that I had to now make $70k OR MORE per month to continue being “successful.” I was trucking along, business as usual, until I hit a wall at the beginning of February. 

I blamed this feeling on my circumstance. We had just gotten back to America after traveling for the last 8+ months, all the jet lag was catching up to me, and this resulted in a feeling I didn’t love. My inspiration to create was zapped. My confidence was super dimmed. My imposter syndrome was so loud. For context, in January, I had one of the lowest months in a while at a little over $22k. Which is still a lot of money, but I had gotten to the point where I was averaging around $40k per month so imagine my shock when I hit my biggest month ever just to follow it by the lowest in a while. 

At the end of February when I finally realized it was something else causing these feelings of distress I was experiencing, I did some deep grounding work. I called a ceasefire. No longer was I going to feel this way inside my business so in order to feel change, I had to implement change. Going into March, my team and I hit the ground running by going back to the basics. I reevaluated my beliefs, both the conscious and subconscious, and realized that what previously worked in my business was not going to work again. I got so comfortable with what was going right in my business that I became closed off to the “impossible.” I got in a place where I was not allowing me or my business to shift, grow, and expand…

Then my CEO phone rang… I received a call for business expansion and I had to answer it. 

I realized my business had become bigger, I had become bigger, so it was time to evolve. When I hit $70k in December, I had shattered a threshold. If I wanted to continue to grow and achieve more, I needed to rework my business model, my offerings, and the strategy I was playing in.

My friend, you too are going to break through insane barriers within your personal and professional life and with “new levels come new devils.” Thanks Lori… I kind of hate that quote, but I gotta give it to you because you’re not wrong. So when you level up, it is imperative that you are willing to make the adjustments that are necessary so you can conquer those “new devils.” When you hit your breakthroughs, I want to encourage you to celebrate them and then acknowledge how you need to adjust so you can keep evolving. What do you need to look at to ensure you are growing with the expansion that’s happening around you? Do you need to rework your business model, your offerings, or the strategy with which you’re showing up? To say the recognition and changes I made were uncomfortable would be the understatement of the year. It might be uncomfortable for you, too, but a new level of business requires a new level of YOU.

Rooting for you always,



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