My Journey To a Million Dollars – Shamelessly Ambitious Episode 120

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Today is a big day in my world...

As of the day I write this, today is the day I finally check that “million dollar email.” I snoozed this email until today, which happens to be the day before I leave for a dreamy Airbnb in the PNW. This email was my reminder to check if my business had finally hit a million dollars. Well, today, I did it. I reached && exceeded a million freaking dollars in my business.

At the beginning of 2023, I sat down with my “roadmap to a million.” Hitting a million was a goal I set out to achieve with no specific timeline, but today after running the numbers, I’m filled with a deep desire to recognize this significant milestone. After almost four years in business, I have officially generated over a million dollars in revenue. Money in the bank baby. You might be thinking, “That’s great, but why is it such a big deal?” Well, because it is! Not only is making a million dollars in your business a massive achievement, and a moment worth celebrating, but it also showcases so much more. And guess what? It happened right on the cusp of my 36th birthday. How’s that for perfect timing?

As I sit here on a casual Friday, just minutes away from picking up my kids from school, I can’t help but reflect on the journey that brought me to this point. It wasn’t always smooth sailing, but damn, it was worth every moment.

If you follow along on Instagram, you might remember that a few months ago, I bought a new car and named her Millie. Which by the by if for some reason you aren’t following on Instagram, I drop sooo much free & juicy content over there, you’re gonna wanna follow. Millie was a symbolic act — A declaration that this was the year I would hit that million-dollar mark. Just by keeping up with the numbers in my business I knew that we would reach the million dollar milestone at some point this year, I just didn’t know when. && Here we are, celebrating that milestone. 😌

But like I said, it’s not just about the money. What hit me most was the realization that I had done it. I had stuck with this journey through thick and thin. I had persevered in the face of imposter syndrome, comparison, and the roller coaster of emotions that comes with entrepreneurship daily.

If you’re an entrepreneur, a CEO, or any other person on a journey to make a significant impact, you know that it’s not always a walk in the park. It takes tenacity, grit, and the willingness to hold on, even when things get tough. Girl,  you know there were moments when I considered quitting, but something in me refused to give up. Even just a couple weeks ago when I was contemplating everything, instead of giving up, I decided to grab the pen and rewrite my story because I knew it wasn’t over yet. And today, I have the proof — Over a million dollars in revenue in my business and my story still isn’t over. 

My entrepreneurial journey to reach this milestone was filled with lessons, and here’s a few I want to highlight…

01. The Dance of Speed

Throughout my journey, I realized the importance of finding the right pace. There have been times when I moved too fast, causing unneeded stress and chaos to myself and my team. && Then, there were moments when I moved too slow because I was busy letting fear absolutely paralyze me. Sustainability in business is about finding the balance between patience and action. I can confidently say that this milestone was built on patience and not something I could have rushed if I wanted to have a sustainable legacy for my future.

02. The Loneliness of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship can be a lonely path… You may feel surrounded by fellow entrepreneurs on social media since it seems literally everyone is reppin’ CEO status these days, but in your day-to-day life, it’s super possible that you might be the outlier. This can be challenging when friends and family don’t fully understand what you do or what owning your own business even means. I can’t count the amount of times someone has asked me if I could be available for something, I’ve said no, and they’ve responded with a disgusting look and a snarky comment of, “but don’t you make your own schedule?” Liiikkkeee yes, Martha, but I still have to work?! So, if you’re currently struggling with feelings of loneliness, I see you and I feel you, girl.

If you are actively seeking a space where you don’t feel alone, I invite you to check out the Empire Society. This is an online space where I provide service and value to fellow entrepreneurs, but moreover it’s where I have cultivated a true community. Feeling alone sucks. Feeling like nobody in your life could ever understand your job sucks. That’s a huge reason why one of my favorite features of the Empire Society is our bi-monthly coffee chats. This is where we come together virtually, sip on our favorite beverage, and just connect. Humans neeeeeed connection, so inside these coffee chats, we might talk about business, but we also might just talk about how we want to escape motherhood, how cooking and cleaning is the literal worst, and how to spice up time in the bedroom with your partner. Nothing is off limits, if you are craving connection, this is my invitation to you to come check it out.

03. Meeting Extraordinary People

Despite the loneliness, I’ve had the privilege of meeting some incredible people on this journey. I am truly obsessed with my clients. I have such deep connections with a large majority of my current and past clients that have turned into legitimate friendships. From clients, colleagues, and mentors, my network has expanded in ways I couldn’t have imagined. 

04. The High Highs and Low Lows

Did I mention that entrepreneurship is a f*ckin roller coaster?! I’ve experienced the highest of highs from epic launches, wildly aligned clients, and incredible moments of success throughout the last four years. Buuuut, I’ve also faced the lowest of lows. Disappointment, self-doubt, and tough decisions. Imposter syndrome, feeling lost, and wanting to quit. No one said that running a business would be easy. If it were filled with high highs alone, everyone would be doing this, but it’s not, and being an entrepreneur is hard. But that’s ok.

All in all, my key takeaway from my journey to a million bucks is the ability to silence that inner voice that asks, “Who do you think you are?” It’s the confidence to know that I’m here to make a significant impact, that I won’t quit, and that I’ll keep going no matter what.

I share this milestone with you not to brag, but to celebrate you, too. Whether you’ve reached your million-dollar milestone, you’re on your way, or you’re pursuing another significant goal, know that your journey is worth celebrating. I want to humanize the entrepreneurial experience — The highs, lows, and everything in between. Take a moment today to celebrate yourself, your achievements, and your determination because you are sticking with it && that’s something to be proud of. We’re in this together, and I’m grateful to have you on this journey and beautiful mess of entrepreneurship with me.


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