Sharing My Reinvention & The Thing I Fucked Up In My Business – Shamelessly Ambitious Episode 142

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This week’s musings is brought to you riverside. I wish you could see & smell how fresh it is here. We are currently in Livingston, MT which is just outside of Bozeman. I am walking through the city alongside the Yellowstone River. 🗻 We’re actually leaving today so I don’t feel like I can fully check Montana off the list as we only stayed for two days, but we’re off again and heading to Spokane, WA. Ya girl is ecstatic. 🚙🚦🌄

I’m also giving away the real tea in today’s episode. I promised to always keep it real with what’s going well & what’s not going so well ⏤ today I’m opening up about something I really fucked up recently in my business that brought some negative feelings to the surface. I’m also sharing something I’m SO freaking excited for that will be LIVE July 14-19. Are you ready to step into her? 👀✨🫦 Details below!


• My last adventure walk in Livingston, MT before we hit the road
• Trying to catch some {affordable} vibes in Coeur d’Alene, ID
• Currently obsessed with being a bookworm 📕
• Selling myself short & giving too much away with a recent offer
• Having a massive wakeup call and breaking free from my prior urge to settle
• Introducing: HER REINVENTION 🥹


[0:45] Coming to you from the cutest Airbnb of all time
[2:06] Getting back in the car to leave Montana today ⏤ We are WA bound!
[2:52] Hiking sourdough trail… are you freaking kidding me? 🥖🚶🏻‍♀️
[3:42] Still giving into my desires for more… ICE CREAM 🍦
[4:52] Catching a vibe in Coeur d’Alene but it’s damn expensive!
[5:45] We are in the highs & lows of traveling annnndd bickering 😭 
[7:19] My current obsession & I’m hooked 📕
[8:07] How do you instill the love for reading in your kids? 😅  
[10:36] What I’m struggling with

[10:42] Quick pause to listen to the Yellowstone River 🥰
[11:17] The thing I fucked up in my business
[12:38] The new Business Breakthrough offer & selling it out
[15:53] Am I a fraud? Imposter syndrome is kicking in
[16:33] Charging too little for massive over-delivery
[17:49] The amazing feedback I received 🥹🥲
[19:56] Deciding BTS how I want to modify the Business Breakthrough
[21:53] What’s going really well
[22:04] Details of my two personal reinventions
[23:01] A severe lack of authenticity within my brand 
[25:12] “This is not my life & I will create the one I want”
[27:19] HER REINVENTION!! ⬇️📞✨


The 6-day healing audio intensive challenge that shows you how to break through the urge to settle and step into your reinvented self. Save your seat for just $37 for the live intensive happening July 14-19! 🫶🏻


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