Episode 103: Are You Treating Your Business Like A Business Or Hobby?

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Welcome back to the Shamelessly Ambitious Podcast, my friend. In this super quick episode, I want to discuss an important topic and that is: Treating your business like a business. During one of my recent coaching calls inside my newest & juiciest program, Innovate, someone raised a common concern about feeling uncomfortable with selling every day. This sparked a super passionate discussion, and I felt compelled to share my thoughts with a broader audience because I’m not going to lie, I got on my soapbox about this one. So, let’s dive into the significance of embracing your business and actively promoting your offers.

The Analogy You Need To Hear

Imagine owning a brick-and-mortar boutique. You invest so much time and effort into sourcing the finest clothing, hiring staff, and creating a beautiful store, but the second someone comes in to shop, you rip off the price tags, go quiet, and don’t assist the customer when they inevitably have questions. If you had a physical storefront, would you ever decide your products weren’t for sale? No price tags and no active engagement with customers leading to no sales?. It seems counterproductive, right? Well, even though your business isn’t a physical store, people can still come to you and shop your offers. Be sure you are selling to & nurturing them.

The Value of Selling Every Day

The value of selling everyday lies in providing opportunities for potential customers to engage with your brand. Just as you would never expect customers to find their way into a silent boutique, how can you expect people to know about your business if you’re not willing to talk about it? This mindset shift is crucial in treating your business like a business to activate its potential for success.

Ultimate Shift in Perspective

To truly treat your business like a business, you must first shift your perspective and recognize that the only person you are actively disappointing by not promoting your offers is yourself. If you desire a thriving business, you must take action. Talk about your offers, invite people to explore them, and provide ways for people to connect with you. This doesn’t necessarily mean constantly pushing for sales. Instead, it’s about extending invitations and creating pathways for people to engage with your brand. This creates a level of ‘know, like, and trust’ so when that person is ready to invest monetarily, it’s going to be a no-brainer investment for them.

The Art of Invitations

Selling, in its essence, is an invitation. It’s an invitation to a free class, a paid program, a mastermind, or even to inquire about private coaching. Every single day, I want people entering my world to know how they can get closer to me and benefit from the value I provide. Some might say the majority of sales come from people who have been following and engaging with your content for a while, but it’s important to remember that not everyone is constantly checking in on you and are aware of all the ways they can connect with you. Continuously extending invitations keeps the door open for potential customers to take the next step inside your business.

Personal and Professional Balance

One concern often raised is finding the right balance between personal and professional aspects. If this is a challenge for you and you’re set on separating the two, consider creating separate personal and professional accounts. However, remember that the personal element you bring to the table is what makes you relatable and approachable. It’s the factor that makes people think, “Not only is she an expert, but I feel a genuine connection with her. I totally get this girl.” Authenticity builds trust and deepens relationships. So often you’ll see me show up on stories with something that has absolutely nothing to do with my current offers, but it’s because I choose to share my personal journey so I can create strong connections with friends and current + potential clients. This brings me to my next thought…

Clients as Friends

In my world, my clients are also my friends. I make an effort to know them on a personal level and create an environment where vulnerability can flourish. This connection fosters transformation and growth, which is incredibly important. Contrary to my previous professional career in therapy, confidentiality was extremely important which was difficult because I believe in opening up and sharing to establish genuine connections. Building friendships with clients enables a deeper level of understanding and contributes to their success. That’s one of the biggest reasons I moved on from my career in therapy because I like to “break the fourth wall” and get vulnerable with my clients as well. However, I am soooo thankful for that background which has helped me immensely in my role as a CEO.

Treating your business like a business involves actively promoting your offers and inviting people into your world every day. Remember, if you’re not selling, you’re not effectively treating your business as such. Your business is meant to thrive, and by embodying the mindset of selling daily, you can show up for your business as it deserves. If it’s in you, it’s for you. Go out there, sell with confidence, and watch your business flourish.

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