Episode 106: Quality Over Quantity

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I want to first start by expressing my gratitude for your continuous support and for joining me on this journey, it means the world to me. In this episode, I’m sharing an open and honest conversation about an important topic: quality versus quantity. It’s a subject that holds immense significance when it comes to the content we create and the focus we place on it.

Determination & Quest for Validation

Before we get into the essence of quality content, we can’t start without some technical difficulties, first! As I sit here recording this podcast, I can’t help but reflect on the challenges I faced the three times I tried recording this episode, but you know what… I’m just telling myself that this episode is going to be the most quality one. So now, here I am, determined to overcome these obstacles and deliver this valuable conversation to you. Tap into my DM’s to let me know I’m not the only one that deals with technical difficulties like this because damn, it’s frustrating. Anyways —

In our pursuit of reach and visibility, we often gauge success based on metrics such as likes, comments, and responses. We crave external validation, seeing these things as signs of whether our content is “working” or not. Trust me, the feeling of reactions and replies to stories and thousands of views on a reel feels really good, I can’t lie. But let me share an insight from a recent client conversation that prompted me to shift this perspective.

SEO & Strategic Business Focus

During a social media audit for a client, I emphasized the significance of an SEO-focused title — one that resonates with the audience and captures their search intent. I also highlighted the value of using the bio section to showcase social proof and communicate essential aspects of your business. We explored her untapped potential of Instagram highlights as a navigational tool on her page as well. But what struck me most was the feedback my client gave me.

She admitted that she had experimented with adding captions and text to her posts before but didn’t receive the desired engagement. Sooo, I came in hot with some tough love. I realized that she was fixated on external validation rather than the impact and quality of her content. It was an eye-opening moment that led to this conversation.

Shifting Focus: Quality & Impact

As an entrepreneur, your responsibility is to manage your energy and consistently show up in your field of expertise. It’s easy to get caught up in metrics and seek validation from likes and comments. Like I mentioned before, sometimes that external validation hits differently, however, I made a decision some time ago to shift my focus from these “vanity metrics” to the quality and impact of my work.

I’m not immune to caring about what others think. In fact, I used to care too much, and it started to hinder my performance and authenticity. Imagine that… Don’t GAF Ashley caring what people think about her… I know right. When I showed my client my Instagram feed, I didn’t hide the fact that some of my posts get pretty low engagement, though I juxtaposed that with the revenue I generated when I shared those posts — over $30,000 in a month. The point was clear: quality over quantity even if you’re not receiving high engagement. The people who need to see it, will see it.

The Power of Giving it All Away

I firmly believe that when you give generously, without holding back, you create trust and establish a deeper connection with your audience. By providing valuable content, you allow people to experience the depth of your knowledge. If you want more on this idea, tap into episode 104 where I talk about the “know, like, and trust” factors of content & business. It’s a juicy one. It’s important to recognize that not everyone will grasp your teachings on the first encounter. Repetition is key to internalizing new concepts.

So my friend, I encourage you to go beyond surface-level content. Instead of spreading your ideas thin across various posts, choose one aspect and explore it thoroughly. Go deep (& yeah, that’s what she said 🤪). By going deep, you allow your audience to fully grasp the things you’re sharing. Give it all away and be of extremely valuable service.

Consistency & Authenticity

You’ve heard me say it… Consistency is the backbone of any successful business. Yet, many entrepreneurs fall into the trap of continuously seeking new strategies or new validation. Be mindful that consistency may be hindered by a focus on external validation, though. If you’re posting and relying on high levels of engagement and feedback with each post, you’re not going to be consistent with posting because not each post is going viral. Let’s be real, a very slim amount of posts actually go viral so that’s why it’s important to throw metrics to the curb. Instead, we ought to embrace our expertise, show up authentically, and let go of the need for immediate validation.

To wrap it up, I want to leave you with prioritizing quality over quantity. Measure your impact by the transformation & value you bring to your audience, rather than the numbers on a screen. Shift your focus from seeking validation to providing invaluable service and going deep with your content. Remember, your expertise is your most valuable asset. Trust in it, share it generously, and watch the profound impact it has on your business.

Thank you for joining me on this episode, it’s much sweeter since this was my third time recording, but I am committed to recording and re-recording these episodes until they reach you in the best possible form. You mean the world to me.

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