Episode 105: Making Business Feel Better

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Welcome back, my love. In this episode I’m giving you the BTS on a recent breakthrough session with my client and how it challenged her to redefine her approach to business. During this session, we explored the concept of self-growth and how it can either empower or paralyze us…

Let me give you the backstory, first. I do these things called Breakthrough Sessions that I’m super obsessed with. These sessions actually start with an in-depth intake form where I gather information about the client’s business and their goals. Once I have this knowledge, I spend a couple hours researching and analyzing their content, website, podcast, and any other relevant materials. This comprehensive preparation allows me to bring valuable insights, suggestions, and questions to the table when we jump on our call together.

One of the key objectives of this particular session was to help the client make her business feel better and to find a personalized approach that aligned with her desires and values. To do this, I like to utilize some of my favorite tools including human design, cycle syncing, and the Enneagram. We also explored her nervous system, seeking clarity on what needed to shift or evolve.

During this breakthrough session, a powerful realization struck me && I want to share it because it is both important and {probably} polarizing.

I firmly believe that self growth can either be wildly empowering or detrimentally paralyzing.

When I use things like HD, cycle syncing, and other tools that better help us understand ourselves, I see clients thrive with the influx of information and understanding. AND, I also see clients become paralyzed for the same reasons.

Often, I come across people who use self-growth as a crutch, allowing what they’ve learned about themselves to become limiting beliefs. For instance, one client mentioned that her human design profile made it challenging for her to maintain content consistently. She felt this characteristic was holding her back. Similarly, others have used their menstrual cycle phases as excuses for decreased productivity or avoidance of certain tasks. Cough cough – these tools are not meant to enable us in our bad business behaviors, rather empower us to create the ideal scenario that uses each thing to our advantage.

I also firmly believe that we have the power to shape our own narratives. I refuse to let external factors dictate my output, energy, happiness, or success. I see self-growth tools and frameworks as empowering resources, not as chains that restrict me.

For instance, understanding my open head in human design doesn’t mean I lack ideas or inspiration. Instead, I leverage this trait by seeking inspiration from others, listening to podcasts, or engaging in conversations that ignite my creativity. I actively use tools like Pinterest to gather ideas that align with my vision. Each individual aspect of our being can be harnessed as an advantage if we choose to view it that way. The same goes for the phases of our menstrual cycle. Rather than accepting the notion that certain phases limit us, I see them as opportunities to tap into different superpowers. Whether it’s launching a project during the menstrual phase or strategizing during the luteal phase, it’s about honoring ourselves and meeting our needs accordingly.

I digress — back to the breakthrough session. This session revolved around empowering my amazing client to shed the self-imposed limitations she had placed on herself. It was a journey of identifying blind spots, challenging self-sabotaging behaviors, and redefining her approach to business. I encouraged her to embrace radical responsibility for her self-growth journey and to use it as a catalyst for positive change.

I share the BTS of this session as an invitation for all of us to take ownership of what we have learned about ourselves and how we apply that knowledge. Are we using it to empower ourselves or allowing it to hold us back?

Business transformation lies in understanding who we truly are and utilizing every aspect as a gift and guide for growth.

P.S. If you find Breakthrough Sessions intriguing, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. The opportunity to provide personalized support and mentorship leading to massive breakthroughs, is a fulfilling and rewarding experience. && if you’re interested in diving deeper into understanding your cycle, consider joining the Flow Lab or stay tuned for my upcoming program, Woman.

Let’s break free from self-limiting beliefs and embrace the power of self-growth. We have the ability to create our own stories and propel ourselves forward, empowered by the unique traits and knowledge we possess. Together, let’s choose empowerment and make our journey one of incredible growth and fulfillment.

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