Episode 111: A New Era of Conscious Coaching

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Hello, my loves! Welcome to my corner of the internet. Today, I’m thrilled to share with you a personal journey that has shaped me into the coach I am today.

If ya didn’t know, my name is Ash McDonald, and I am not your typical business coach. I’ve embarked on a path that blends therapy, human behavior, and sales psychology, leading me to believe in the power of shameless ambition. In this blog, I’ll open up about my experiences, the challenges our industry faces, and why conscious coaching is essential for creating a positive impact on those we serve. If you want to listen to the audio version, you can tune in above. 

Embracing My Unconventional Background

My journey to becoming a therapist turned business coach was not a conventional one. My passion for human behavior and psychology drove me to study counseling and sociology, earning me invaluable insights into the human psyche. The years I spent in practice honing my skills under the guidance of experienced mentors have played a crucial role in shaping my approach to coaching my clients.

The Need for Conscious Coaching

In today’s world, it seems like everyone wants to be a coach, mentor, or guide without considering the responsibility that comes with it. Unfortunately, this trend has led to trauma creation and misguided practices, leaving many clients feeling hurt and betrayed. I’ve come to realize that true coaching involves a constant willingness to address our own emotional intelligence, ensuring that we create safe and comforting spaces for our clients. That’s one of the biggest reasons clients invest in mentors in the first place, we ought to be making them feel seen, heard, and always safe to show up as they are at any given moment. 

Understanding Human Behavior

As a therapist, I took an oath to do no harm, and this principle continues to guide my coaching practice today. I believe that having a deep understanding of human behavior is the foundation of conscious coaching. It allows us to adapt our emotional intelligence, foster safety, and cultivate resilience in those we serve. We must recognize that every client we work with is a unique individual with their own struggles and triumphs rather than an invoice or mentorship to fill the books. As mentors, we ought to be coaching on a human-first approach. Not all mentors nowadays seem to remember that their clients are human and need support outside of business strategy sometimes.

Conscious Integration of Tools

With that being said, in the coaching industry, there is a temptation to focus solely on strategies and revenue generation, but this approach neglects the essence of coaching: the human connection. Whether we’re creating programs, offering one-on-one coaching, or delivering online courses, we must remember that there’s a person on the other side of the interaction. Our actions should reflect our commitment to conscious coaching and doing no harm.

The Call for Responsible Growth

As coaches, we all aspire to succeed and achieve financial independence, but not at the expense of our values. Responsible growth requires a continuous pursuit of personal growth and a deeper understanding of human psychology. By embracing this approach, we can ensure that our coaching enriches the lives of our clients in profound and long-lasting ways. This is what creates sustainability within our business. When we nurture that human connection with our clients, they will continue to invest in your world not only for your business expertise, but also for your genuine care for them as a human.

Owning Our Expertise

Now, I’m not here to criticize or demean anyone’s journey because we are all on our paths of growth and learning. However, I am here to advocate for conscious coaching and encourage fellow coaches to own their expertise responsibly. If you’ve faced challenges or experienced trauma in the coaching industry, I invite you to share your story, either openly or confidentially. Together, we can foster a positive change in the coaching world.

Thank you for joining me on this personal and professional exploration of conscious coaching. Embracing my background as a therapist and integrating it with my coaching practice has been a transformative journey. This is something that isn’t typical for the industry, but I truly believe it sets me apart and constantly reminds me to have a human-first approach.

My goal for us is, as we evolve in this industry, let us strive to understand human behavior, prioritize safety, and never forget the responsibility we hold as coaches.

Remember, being a coach means being more than just a strategist; it means being a guide who nurtures personal growth and helps clients tap into their humanness. I hope this reminded you to consider the impact you can make as a conscious coach, and I look forward to witnessing a positive shift in our coaching community.


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