Episode 110: How I Found Contentment AND Sustainable Success

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I just had an amazing conversation with my dear colleague and previous client, Holly Haynes, about this incredible collaboration she’s put together called “Crush the Rush.” It’s a podcourse featuring various experts, and guess what?? I was one of them! I’m truly honored to be part of it. You’ve got to check out the show notes for my podcast – episode 110 – to grab the invite so you don’t miss this exciting opportunity.

In our conversation, we dived deep into my life-changing experience as a digital nomad. I moved to Costa Rica, and it completely transformed my business and my life in ways I couldn’t have imagined. I thought I was already living a fulfilled, purpose-filled life with an innovative business, but becoming a nomad challenged and changed so much for me. Holly invited me to share my insights on what changed in my business, and my whole life honestly, because of this journey. It was an amazing conversation that I wanted to share a few parts of here because I love you so much and always want to include you.

The Shift Towards a Nomadic Lifestyle

Living as a digital nomad in Costa Rica pushed me to get creative with my business strategy and belief system. I had to rethink how I ran my team and find ways to create space in business and sustainability in my income. That’s why I created the Timeless program, focusing on cultivating speed, space, and sustainability within my business to thrive as a digital nomad.

Building Momentum Through Sustainability

Sustainability is the key to achieving consistent and impressive financial success. I believe that 80% of the success comes from asking ourselves the right questions and being sustainable in our actions. So, I altered my offer suite, prioritizing recurring revenue and delivery methods that honored my nomadic lifestyle. I also put a significant emphasis on energy management, which is the key to expanding time.

The Power of Trust in Business

Trust is everything. I truly believe that if something is in me, it’s meant for me. This belief in myself and the universe allowed me to operate from a centered, confident place. By trusting in the process and the alignment of my actions with my purpose, I freed myself from the need to force or rush things. It’s about flowing with the natural rhythm of life and business.

Seeking Calm Amidst Feelings Of Overwhelm

Whenever I feel overwhelmed or less productive, I ask myself, “What is motivating this action?” Identifying the underlying emotions behind my actions helps me pivot and make decisions from a healthier place. I make sure to find a safe, calm space within myself, grounding myself when life gets hectic because, you know, as a mama of 3 wild child babies, a wife who prioritizes my intimate relationship, and hell, even just being a woman… life gets cray cray sometimes!

Emotions as Signals, Not Identities

Understanding that emotions are messages, not identities, is crucial for personal growth and business success. I’ve learned not to identify myself with feelings like overwhelm, stress, or fear. Instead, I acknowledge them as signals and choose to respond in a way that empowers me, making conscious decisions to improve my emotional well-being.

Pursuing Contentment for Sustainable Success

My time in Costa Rica really taught me the value of contentment. I realized that pursuing contentment is crucial, whether I’m living in an exotic location or in the mundane. It’s about being intentional in every aspect of life and business. Rather than just working fewer hours, I intentionally choose to live a life that aligns with my desires and values.

My friend, you’ve heard all about how my journey as a digital nomad has been transformative and enlightening. Embracing contentment, asking empowering questions, and taking radical responsibility have been sooo huge in achieving sustainable success in my business and life. It’s been a year since I embarked on this life changing journey and even though I’ve settled back into a more “mundane” lifestyle, I’m still learning things from my digital nomad life. I encourage you to adopt some of these practices, too. You don’t have to pick up and move across the country every week like I did to initiate the change you desire, but remember that you have the power to create a purpose-driven life and a thriving business. So, let’s chase contentment together and embrace the shamelessly ambitious path! I’ll catch you in the next episode of the Shamelessly Ambitious Podcast.

&& don’t forget, this was just the sparknotes version. If you want to hear all the tea I spilled on Holly’s podcourse, check the link in the show notes to find the details.

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