Episode 109: Burnout is Back UNLESS You Do THIS

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Welcome back to the Shamelessly Ambitious Podcast, where we go deep into personal and professional growth. In this 109th episode, I want to ask you a crucial question: Are you overdoing it?

We all strive for more success, clients, sales, and money, but is constantly switching strategies and pushing ourselves to the limit the best way to achieve these goals? In this episode, I share a powerful conversation about burnout and the importance of looking inward to find sustainable success. Let’s explore the idea of embracing patience, trusting the process, and the art of letting go.

The Illusion of Overnight Success

Before we embark on this journey of introspection, let’s address the idea of overnight success. Do I think this is possible? Yes. Have I had some sort of overnight achievement myself? Yes. But, while it is possible to experience rapid achievements… The true, long-lasting success comes from patience and consistency. When we fixate on immediate results, we tend to overlook the power of tried and true strategies that require time to flourish.

The Burnout Epidemic

When we fixate on results we fall back into the old habits that put us in burnout. In recent years, we’ve made progress in understanding and addressing burnout because of its relatability and popularity online, this is something a lot of people are still dealing with. Sometimes, we feel hesitant to acknowledge our burnout, thinking that we should “know better” at this point in our lives and careers. However, instead of shaming ourselves, we should explore the underlying beliefs and actions that lead us to burnout in the first place — the codes, if you will. 

The Importance of Looking Inward

To find sustainable success, we must shift our focus inward. We ought to embrace a practice of consistent documentation and journaling, examining our thoughts, beliefs, and actions during moments of success and of “failure.” In episode 97 I talk more about this idea and the importance of documenting yourself, so tune in if you want to hear more. In essence, when we document ourselves, we are able to understand what contributed to our achievements and challenges, as well as make conscious choices to create a more fulfilling and balanced life for the future.

The Power of Being Unattached to Results

One of my client’s recent experiences serves as a valuable lesson in being unattached to immediate results. She just had a launch day, and by the by, this client has had massive success, but you know how we get on launch day where we feel the need to burn it all down and find new strategies.

She found herself holding onto control, the outcome, and not being at peace with what was to come. Naturally, I asked a few questions that led her to describing a time in her business, less than a year ago, where she was experiencing wild success. During this time she remembers feeling deeply grounded and trusting that success was inevitable. Unburdened by the need for validation, she focused on what truly made her happy and allowed her to shine. She wasn’t constantly working and she was truly unattached to the results. That was when I told her those were her codes to success. What her codes are may not be mine and what my codes are may not be yours, but that’s why I stress the importance of documenting so we can look back to find our own personalized codes. They are within all of us. For example, it might be that you were having amazing sex with your husband, maybe you were working out consistently, maybe you weren’t consuming caffeine or alcohol, maybe you were meditating and going to therapy… Whatever practice it is, these become our codes to success because they allow us to show up as the best versions of ourselves. Now, when we find ourselves in an ebb of less success in our business, we can look back to realize we weren’t implementing these codes and that could be the reason for what we’re experiencing now.

The Dangers of Overdoing and Perfectionism

So back to the question I asked at the beginning, are you overdoing it? Overdoing and perfectionism can trap us in a cycle of self-sabotage. We may be stuck believing that only we can do things the right way, but that only leads to an overwhelming workload and unnecessary stress. Embracing the concept of outsourcing and delegating can alleviate this burden and allow us to focus on our true zone of genius as CEOs. Don’t get caught up doing tasks that someone else could be doing because they literally love to do them and it’s in their zone of genius. When you allow others to shine through your business, you get to shine where it feels most aligned for you and success comes with total ease.

Navigating Burnout and Embracing Success

When letting go of control becomes a problem, we find ourselves chasing burnout again. That’s why navigating burnout requires a commitment to self-awareness and self-care. Journaling and documenting our experiences can help us identify patterns, triggers, and coping mechanisms. We ought to be willing to adapt and adjust our practices to maintain balance and prevent burnout.

So, my friend, as we journey through the pursuit of success together, remember the importance of being patient, embracing imperfections, and letting go of the need for immediate results. Burnout might resurface from time to time, but with conscious effort and self-awareness, we can navigate it gracefully. The key lies in looking inward for the codes to our success and staying true to what makes us feel alive and fulfilled. So, go out there and be the coolest version of yourself. Success is yours if you trust the process, learn from both successes and challenges, and never stop believing in your limitless potential.

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