Episode 114: Don’t Be An Asshole

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I just can’t help but reflect on the community of people acting like assholes that consume the online business space. So, this is episode 114, the one where I feel called to share the importance of not being an asshole. Yup, you heard me right.

In the entrepreneurial world, especially in the realm of online businesses, I’ve noticed a concerning trend. People are using polarizing content as a means to grab attention, boost likes, and gain followers. But what I’ve found even more disturbing is that this polarizing content often comes at the expense of others’ feelings and experiences. It’s a conversation that needs to be had and since I always bring my VIP conversations to my VIP listeners of the podcast, let’s get into it.

Don’t Be An Asshole

I’ve always carried within me a personal mantra of not being an asshole. I mean, I’d hope people would not consciously *want* to show up as an asshole, however, online it seems like all morals are thrown to the wayside. Now, as a regular human, I admit, I’m far from perfect, but when I integrate my therapeutic background into my daily interactions, it helps me to connect to the human rather than the opinion or value that’s up for discussion.

But, you see, we’re in the midst of an epidemic where people think belittling others is the route to attention and success. I’ve personally witnessed instances where people openly mock fellow entrepreneurs’ methods or beliefs in order to highlight their own values… in order to have an opportunity to say, “this person’s way is wrong because of X, Y, and Z” and sell you on their way instead. Rather than directly expressing their opinions, they resort to ridiculing others to make their point. && while I understand the allure of polarizing content because of the high percentage of engagement, the amount of re-shares, and interaction in the comment section, it raises questions about the ethics of the entrepreneur.


Sally Sue absolutely hammering a business mentor who believes in the connection between orgasms and professional success. Then, someone else comes along to ridicule Sally Sue and claims they’re the true expert to follow and both prior opinions are “wrong.” It’s honestly a cycle of bullying and putting others down where the original intention disappears, leaving behind a trail of shame and hurt.

I never want to be the person who feels the need to sell my strategies & expertise at the expense of calling out another CEO.

Shouldn’t you be proof enough to sell your offerings without bringing in an innocent colleague just to make your programs look shinier or better?

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not immune to caring about what others think of me. In fact, if someone was picking apart my processes and programs, I would be extremely uncomfortable. Knock on wood, I’ve never had this happen to me, however, I know if it does, I’ll be okay. My main concern, though, is not with my own experiences but with the broader scope of belittling others. Sure, it might earn you engagement, likes, and shares, but at what cost? As the online business space becomes more crowded with entrepreneurs, coaches, network marketers, and various other service providers, many are using this approach, but here’s where I stand…

There’s An Alternative Path.

Maybe this is my therapy background speaking, but I believe we can be passionate about our values without resorting to demeaning or ridiculing others. It’s possible to generate attention without contributing to the problem.

The online business world, and social media in general, thrives on sensationalism, but it’s worth questioning whether being part of a solution is more rewarding than contributing to the problem and going viral is.

What Goes Around, Comes Around

Even if you overwhelmingly disagree with someone’s stance, try to empathize with their perspective and connect with them on a human level, first. For example, I don’t agree with veganism, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to publicly shame those who choose to follow that lifestyle. You have to remember that there is a person behind the belief and each person’s beliefs are rooted in their own experiences, conditioning, or research. I truly believe that what goes around, comes around, so next time you think putting someone down will get you ahead, think of someone putting you down.

Are you on Threads?

Let’s talk about Threads for a minute, the new platform within Instagram. I actually really enjoy Threads. I think it is such a cool concept and it’s been really fun to utilize. But I realized out the gate that one of the first things I noticed were people utilizing it as a way to create humor by putting somebody else down. && it made me really, really uncomfortable. We can have these polarizing opinions without necessarily needing to talk about it publicly.

I want to leave you with a simple yet potent message: Choose kindness. Remember that everyone, even those you disagree with, has a heart and emotions. Rather than seeking validation through likes and shares, strive for deeper connections that are built on understanding and empathy.

The online business space has the potential to be a powerful place for positive change. One where we can work together to uplift one another, without resorting to negativity. One where success doesn’t come at the expense of others.


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