Episode 42: Your Next Best Business Strategy

Filed in All Episodes, Business Strategy — August 9, 2022

About the Episode

You get to create whatever business you desire to create, in whatever way you desire to create it. And if for any godforsaken reason, you are living within this belief that it only works if it’s been done before (and it’s been successful), in this podcast episode, we’re going to release that limiting belief.

As I said in the episode, “Success is not circumstantial. It’s not based on anything outside of us, it is purely based on what happens within us.”

Thanks for listening. Thanks for being here.


  • Redesigning your business to meet the lifestyle you desire
  • Having more fun with my business and what that looks like now
  • The power of leaning in and trusting your intuition (even when it’s something no one has ever done before)
  • Going inwards: 3 questions to find your next best business strategy

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I am the definition of duality—I swear like a sailor and break rules like it’s my job, but I also hold incredible space for my clients and work my ass off to help them achieve the success they’re after (but faster).

My background in counseling and my experience founding three multi-6-figure businesses gives me a unique perspective on what it means to show up and serve as an ethical and successful CEO. Leaning on my experiences, along with the experiences of the hundreds of women I’ve been honored to work with, I offer founders a psych-backed and human-first approach to scaling their legacies—both in and out of the office. 

I don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to anything, but especially business. Because at the foundation of any profitable, sustainable, ethically sound business is one thing: humans being humans. And to do anything without first considering the human behind the action (i.e., with intention and vulnerability) is to remove our most powerful predictor of success—ourselves.

Around here, you’ll find a personalized and multidimensional client experience paired with a few tastefully dropped fucks. You’ll also find a new way of being in business that’s sustainable, ethical, and built around your life (not the other way around).

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