Episode 92: How Digital Nomad Life Shaped Me & Changed My Business Strategy

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Welcome back to Shamelessly Ambitious, episode number 92! Today, we’re diving deep into the topic of strategy and how important it is to find your very own unique approach. We’re allllways about doing business differently and on your own terms around here.

But before we do, let me share a little personal update.

Today happens to be my son’s birthday, marking nine incredible years of motherhood for me. It’s a milestone that still surprises me and makes me realize how time flies. && On another exciting note, we’ve recently closed on our brand new house in Texas after an adventurous journey around the world as digital nomads. This experience has taught me the power of exploring life, experiencing more, and embracing change. Now, let’s delve into the concept of strategy and why it’s crucial to develop a plan that aligns with your goals and aspirations.

Realizing my capacities in Costa Rica

During our travels, my family and I spent an unforgettable summer in Costa Rica. The decision to embark on this journey was initially driven by the desire for change and adventure. Little did I know that this experience would shatter my preconceived notions about what was possible. I’ve always wanted to travel the world (and of course have my kids alongside me) but it never felt possible. Though, spending the summer in Costa Rica with 3 kids did seem possible, so we packed up and headed to the beach. But after being there for just a week I knew I wanted more… and I knew I was capable of more. Being in Costa Rica opened my eyes to the capacity and potential within me. It ignited a spark of ambition and a dream of traveling the world. Like I mentioned, I always believed that lifestyle was unattainable for our family, but the experience in Costa Rica showed me that taking small steps can lead to extraordinary outcomes. 

How digital nomad life transformed us

Our journey took us from Costa Rica to Italy, Paris, Amsterdam, London and many other incredible destinations. Every moment was a catalyst for personal growth, transforming not just me, but my entire family. It challenged our perspectives, deepened our bonds, and expanded my understanding of motherhood. As a result, I came to realize the importance of balancing my role as a mother and a woman with a need for solitude and personal growth. I recharge when I’m alone and living in Airbnb’s for 8 months with your 3 children doesn’t allow for much alone time.

The power of personal strategy

One of the most significant lessons I learned during my travels was the value of developing my own unique strategy. While it can be tempting to follow the path of others or imitate successful mentors, true success lies in finding what works for you. Trust me when I say this because I have an open head in human design so I know how easy it would be to imitate the success of others. We can incorporate sales psychology and general business tactics that others use, but it’s essential to align them with your specific circumstances and goals. A strategy that may have worked wonders for someone else might not necessarily yield the same results for you.

Adapting strategy to life changes

As my journey progressed, my strategy evolved alongside it. The detailed approach I employed as a digital nomad varied greatly from the strategies I adopted when settling down in Texas. This was because I was able to invest time, money, and resources differently in different phases of life. My goals of building recurring revenue and client retention remained consistent, but the way I pursued them had to adapt to my changing lifestyle and resources. My strategy shifted because I shifted. By recognizing the importance of flexibility and customization, I was able to stay aligned with my ambitions while accommodating the practicalities of each phase.

In the end…

Developing your own strategy is a key component of achieving success on YOUR terms. Embrace the power of personalization and don’t be afraid to break away from the mold. Whether you’re a brand new entrepreneur or have been a business owner for 10+ years like me, remember that your journey is unique, and your strategy should reflect that. By aligning your actions with your aspirations, you’ll be well on your way to shamelessly ambitious accomplishments. Tune in to the episode linked above to hear the specifics on how my business strategy shifted.

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