Episode 93: Redefining Success as a Mom

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Hello, my love! Welcome back to another episode of the Shamelessly Ambitious podcast. Today, I want to share a personal story that’s a teensy bit vulnerable and have an important conversation about a limiting belief that held me back as an entrepreneurial mom.

The feelings that nudged me to share this story started during one of my usual drives around town, shuttling my kids to various activities. I found myself reflecting on the past and the resentment I used to carry because I believed I didn’t have enough time or bandwidth to be successful as a mom. Woof. As a mom of 3 that was something I needed to get over or I was going to carry some bitter feelings. Wellll, I’ll tell ya, at the time I didn’t get over it, so I was harboring subtle judgment towards women without children. These kidless women who seemed to effortlessly achieve their goals. But, little did I know, this belief was blocking my own success… not my status as a mom. So, let’s dive into my journey of overcoming this limiting belief and redefining what success gets to look like as a mom.

Find Proof of Success

I realized that I needed to challenge the belief that success was only possible if I had more time… and less kids to be super transparent. But, the truth is, there are countless moms out there who have achieved incredible success, regardless of the number of children they have. I needed to make that statement true for myself and in order to do that, I began seeking out proof of successful moms to shift my perspective. Our brain loves to protect us and keep us safe, and at the time, I believed success as a mom was not possible. This was partially true because I wasn’t witnessing it. So I decided to look for proof of the impossible outside of myself to prove to my brain that it was possible. Once my brain believed it was possible, I would be free to go after it with no limiting beliefs. This discovery absolutely shattered the belief that success was dependent on whether one had children or not.

Shifting the Belief System

The most crucial step I took was recognizing the belief I carried and consciously deciding to change it. I wanted to redefine success for myself and eliminate the notion that time or any other external factor was my kryptonite. I did not want time to be my kryptonite, but the more I believed I had less time by having 3 children, the more my perspective narrowed and it did become my kryptonite. Deep down, I knew that my insecurities and fears about my own capabilities were the root causes of my limiting beliefs. So like I mentioned, I embarked on a journey of finding proof both outside of and within myself. First, I sought proof outside myself by looking for examples of the “impossible” stories of successful mothers. Witnessing their achievements inspired me to challenge my own beliefs and expand my vision of what was possible as a mom. Next, I looked for proof within myself. I recognized and celebrated the successes I had achieved, no matter how big or small. From fulfilling daily commitments to meeting personal goals, each accomplishment reminded me of my capacity for success. For instance, even something as simple as committing to drinking 75 ounces of water in a day became a victory that boosted my confidence by proving to myself I was successful. These small wins built the foundation for believing in my ability to succeed.

Defining Success

Another crucial aspect of my journey was redefining what success meant to me. I realized that success shouldn’t be solely measured by external factors or comparisons to others. Success will never be found in the amount of money you make, the house you live in, or how many followers you have on socials. But, I needed to create a personal definition based on my own desires and values. When I took the time to define success for myself… I found that I was already living it. I was already “successful” even as a mom of 3 who feels like I drive the state of Texas 4 times a day. Success went from numbers and a distant goal to strive for to a feeling, an experience of joy, fulfillment, and gratitude in the present moment.

Lessons I Learned

My journey as an entrepreneurial mom of 3 has taught me valuable lessons about overcoming limiting beliefs and embracing success on my own terms. I learned that success isn’t dependent on the amount of time or resources we have, nor is it exclusive to women with or without children. It’s a mindset shift that starts with challenging our beliefs and seeking proof of what is possible. By defining success on our own terms and celebrating our achievements, we create a foundation of confidence and self-belief. So, my friend, let us free ourselves from the belief that we need external accomplishments to be successful and start embracing the success we already have and the limitless possibilities before us.

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