Experimenting with a New Schedule: My Top 3 Foolproof Tips for Time & Energy Management – Shamelessly Ambitious Episode 140

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I can’t lie, this first month of nomadic living has been a massive transition. 😮‍💨🫠🔄 The way we chose to do things in terms of work & children this time is much different than when we previously lived as nomads. My husband is keeping his full-time job which falls during regular work hours — this means my schedule is undergoing great change. We’re currently in our “trial period” of this new schedule and I’m finding what works & what doesn’t. My saving grace has been remembering to implement these 3 foolproof tips for time & energy management.

Oh && hot take: I believe energy management is much more important than time management. ⬇️⬇️


• Exploring our old stomping grounds with our kids
• Realizing how much “better” of a mom I am as nomads versus regular life
• How my health journey is going
• Experimenting with new & different parts of our schedule
• The three tangible tips you can implement to become a pro at time & energy management 


[1:07] Where I’m at and what I’m up to in Colorado
[2:20] My son turned 10! How have I been a mom for a decade… I’m emo
[3:15] The pros & cons of living near loved ones
[4:10] Bringing consistency to this episode of musings
[6:07] The things that are going really well for me
[6:16] How my health journey is going
[7:44] Achieving daily 10k step and activity goals
[8:09] Adrenal & hormone supporting workouts that I’m LOVING
[9:30] The only downside of this health journey is my clothes…
[11:21] My morning smoothie with ka’chava has been a fav
[11:49] What I’ve been struggling with
[13:18] Loving my business & getting lost in it
[14:50] My working hours are changing massively
[16:28] Working evenings is really hard for me & my creativity
[17:45] Tooting my own horn… I am a great nomad mom
[18:33] Testing midday naps with my projector daughter
[19:31] Approaching this new schedule with these top 3 things
[19:53] #1 — Set a trial run for your new schedule
[20:53] Taking detailed notes so I can make proper changes
[22:02] Understanding time & energy management
[22:19] Energy management is more important than time management
[22:42] #2 — Realistically break your tasks down
[24:19] How this actually helps you achieve more in a day
[25:09] #3 — Block off time and set themes for tasks
[26:01] The perspective of time when you do & don’t have kids


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