How I Shift My Perspective For A Rich & Present Life – Shamelessly Ambitious Episode 139

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Y’all. I’ve got all the feels. Like, seriously, but when do I not have feelings? However, today, they’re hitting extra hard because this is the very last episode recorded from our home in Texas. As I recorded this episode I had so many thoughts (& of course you can tune in to the episode to be apart of the conversation, but here’s the gist):

Here I am, soaking in every last moment in my meticulously designed office. The beautiful wall behind me is filled with shelves of family pics from our adventures in Costa Rica. Actually, each room in our house had a theme. The kitchen? Italian vibes, but of course still rocking black, white, and brown because your girl has a brand and she sticks to it. But this office? Pure Costa Rica, because, friends, Costa Rica was a game changer for me.

We lived in Costa Rica for almost four months, and I swear, I emerged as a new woman. Before we went, I had all these limiting beliefs about what I could achieve. But Costa Rica? It was the perspective shift I never knew I needed. Originally, we planned just a summer there. A few days in, we were like, “Digital nomads? Hell yes!” Traveling full-time with three kids? Still living our bougie lives, homeschooling, building a business? I thought it was impossible, but Costa Rica showed me just how capable I am.

It was there that I made major pivots in my business to sustain our nomadic life. My income needed to stay steady, if not grow. My husband worked traditional hours, leaving me to juggle all the kids’ stuff. And guess what? Everything worked. It was wild! I felt like I was living my best life. It was all about being my highest self, and the universe just started aligning with that energy.

Fast forward to now, we’re ready to embark on another grand adventure. But man, I’m going to miss this curated office. Looking at these pictures of us running on the beach in Costa Rica, it’s bittersweet. Also, let’s be real – I have a ton to do.

I haven’t even started packing and we leave in less than 24 hours. The new owners are doing a walkthrough at 10:30 AM tomorrow and it’s already 4:30 PM. Am I crazy? Absolutely. But hey, I’ve got this. I always do.

Now, let’s talk about perspective shifts.

Recently, I had a garage sale, and amidst the chaos of my kids being their savage selves in 175° Texas heat, I had some enlightening conversations. One woman was so sweet, marveling at how we manage with three kids. It reminded me of how my perspective has shifted over time. Before kids, I thought I had no time. One kid – I thought that was hard. Then came the second, and I realized how easy one had been. And now, with three, I look back and laugh at my past self.

&& then there’s my health journey – down 30 pounds but hitting a plateau. It’s so tempting to get discouraged, but I keep reminding myself of the future me, looking back and appreciating this strong, vibrant body. Whether it’s health, business, or marriage (seriously, some days I’m like, divorce doesn’t sound too bad – kidding, but also not), it’s all about perspective.

In my mastermind group, we talk a lot about these perspective shifts. I won’t get too into the details because it’s her story to share, but one client had a huge epiphany about what she truly wanted, realizing she wasn’t ready for something she thought she wanted. She was so desperately wanting this one thing… then there was actually a possibility of that thing, & she realized she wasn’t ready for it. That’s the gift of perspective. It’s about being intentional, not just waiting for those big, life-altering moments to shift our perspective but cultivating it daily.

I apply this to everything, including our nomadic life. I want richness and presence now, not just some distant future. My son recently asked me what I could do over and over again and never get tired of. For me, it’s traveling, exploring new places, meeting new people.

So, as we wrap up this chapter in Texas, I’m inviting you to think about your own perspective shifts. Who do you need to be to manifest your desires? What future version of you is cheering you on right now? Let’s live our richest, most vibrant lives today && let’s journal about it…

  • What habits, routines, and mindsets does this future self embody?
  • How can I start incorporating these aspects into my life right now?
  • How did these shifts change my outlook or behavior?
  • What lessons can I take from these shifts to apply to my current challenges?
  • Are these beliefs serving me, or are they holding me back?
  • How can I reframe limiting beliefs to empower myself?
  • What am I postponing until I achieve a certain goal or milestone?
  • How can I start enjoying and enriching my life in those areas right now?
  • How can I incorporate more of these activities or experiences into my routine?
  • What small changes can I make today to live a richer, more vibrant life?
  • What distractions or habits are pulling me away from the present moment?
  • What practices can I adopt to cultivate greater presence and mindfulness?
  • How did these shifts impact my decisions and actions?
  • What can I do to actively seek and embrace new perspectives?

xoxo, Ash

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