Episode 82: Is The Coaching Industry Broken?

Filed in All Episodes, Leadership Development — November 15, 2022

About the Episode

The last couple of months have left me feeling like the coaching industry is broken. This sentiment has been constantly coming up for me in conversations with clients and colleagues who feel the same way. I’ve found myself wondering how I fit in this industry. I’ve been trying to figure out how to continue doing things the way I want to, while constantly reminding myself that changing your mind is normal. Based on my conversations, I know this isn’t just a “me” feeling and it’s time to talk about it.

So, in this episode of the Shamelessly Ambitious Podcast, I want to have a really honest conversation about the coaching industry as it is today, how it makes us feel, and what we can do about that.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not specifically calling anyone out with this conversation. Part of the problem I’ve noticed is that a lot of people in the industry are saying things that are borderline offensive, which is not what I’m about – I never want to call you out or make you feel bad for showing up as you are. This is why I felt so strongly about having this conversation.

As I said in the episode, “If I’m feeling this way in mentorship, the likelihood that some of my clients are feeling this way, too, could be high. But, I want to be different.”

Thanks for listening and thank you for being here.


  • The coaching industry becoming a shame-inducing space
  • Possibility marketing > pain point marketing
  • What I believe mentorship currently is versus what it should be
  • Reflecting on the mentorship experiences I’ve had and changing my offerings to reflect how I want to show up for my clients
  • Understanding what your individual client needs are and supporting them by individualizing their experience
  • The importance of investing in yourself and having your own mentors

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