Episode 83: Money Loves Alignment

Filed in All Episodes, Wealth Building — November 22, 2022

About the Episode

In this episode of the Shamelessly Ambitious Podcast, I’m continuing the conversation I started in last week’s episode surrounding the coaching industry and how it feels broken. This week, I’m diving into the concept of pricing and how important it is that we are doing it from an intuitive and aligned place, rather than following industry standards.

In the coaching industry, I witness people charging an astronomical amount for their mentorship. The big question is if they are doing so because it feels aligned with them or because they saw similar pricing in the industry & thought they “should” do the same. Industry standards should never influence the way you price yourself. Money loves alignment. If you are pricing in a way that doesn’t feel good to you, the return won’t be as you expected.

While I believe mentors should price offers with an amount that feels aligned to THEM, as a client, please invest in offers with pricing that feels aligned to YOU. There isn’t always a financial match. Sometimes the industry sets standards for mentors to charge more in order for clients to take deeper advantage of the program. The saying, “the only way you’ll have big results is if you make a big investment,” is not always the case. Find mentorship in someone who feels aligned energetically and financially that you know you’ll gain value from. Don’t underestimate the power of investing in yourself, but that doesn’t mean the bigger investment, the better.


  • Intuitive pricing versus industry standard pricing
  • Crooked pricing strategies in the coaching industry
  • What happened when I priced myself in a way that wasn’t aligned
  • How my values translate through my pricing
  • The “secret menu” of offer suites
  • The principles to pricing in a way that is intuitive, aligned, and feels good
  • The power of investing in yourself
  • How to never let industry standards influence your pricing

Thanks for listening. Thanks for being here.

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