Episode 84: Living The Dream & How To Be Seen with Nina Gibson

Filed in Business Strategy, Podcast — November 29, 2022

About the Episode

In this episode of the Shamelessly Ambitious Podcast, I’m talking to Nina Gibson, one of my favorite people and a previous client. She is an SEO expert & a visibility enthusiast and I love witnessing her journey + her growth. 

Today we are chatting about what it looks like to truly do business differently, to find alignment, to live your dream, and to really up the ante on your visibility.

As Nina said in the episode, “I was clinging to this idea of ‘I need to overwork myself to deserve making all of this money.’ And I knew in my gut that there was a different way to do this. I was like ‘there’s no way, this is sustainable.’ I just didn’t know how to get there.”

Thanks for listening. Thanks for being here.


  • Being a corporate dropout
  • SEO doesn’t have to be hard
  • Where Nina was in her business before connecting with Ash
  • The Messy Middle of undoing and personal development for Nina
  • How Nina is doing business differently now
  • Living the dream and being an ‘elevated level of you’ through alignment


Instagram: @ninagibson.co

Website: ninagibson.co

Podcast: The Elevated Visibility Podcast

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Ash believes every woman is unique and therefore requires a unique approach. She is here to help you break the “rules” that society has formed & tap into your own intuitive brilliance so you can have it all without doing it all. The best way to do business is by doing what works best for YOU.

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