Episode 85: Wrapping Up The Year With A Bow And Some CEO Boundaries

85: Wrapping Up The Year With A Bow And Some CEO Boundaries Featured image

Hi, I’m Ash! Therapist turned Holistic Business Coach who merges psychology and strategy in order to help you unlock the spaciousness in your business to live life on your terms.

Ash McDonald is a digital nomad, mom of three, and therapist turned holistic business coach for women devoted to doing business differently.

With an emphasis on inner healing, energetic calibration and aligned strategy - she has supported hundreds of women to a higher level of aligned success that flows with ease & unlocks true presence and meaning in their lives. She believes abundance is found when we break the generational cycles keeping us stuck & tap into our own intuitive brilliance as our key to the more we all desire.

Ash believes every woman is unique and therefore requires a unique approach. She is here to help you break the mold & tap into your intuitive brilliance so you can have it all without doing it all. The best way to do business is by doing what works best for YOU.

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