Episode 85: Wrapping Up The Year With A Bow And Some CEO Boundaries

Filed in Business Strategy, Leadership Development, Podcast — December 6, 2022

About the Episode

Ah! I can hardly believe it… this is the final episode of 2022. I’m so freaking glad you’ve been such a big part of my year! This space is my favorite and one where I can be so vulnerable and it’s because of you! So thank you for being here.

In this episode of the Shamelessly Ambitious Podcast, I’m here to chat with you about some really important CEO moves to be making as we close in on the end of the year and embark on a new one.

This is a really good time for you to take a 30,000-foot view of what’s feeling good, and what’s not feeling good. These observations will probably shed light on some new standards or new boundaries that you can put in place. I just recently did this too, so I’m sharing with you what came up for me and a little bit of my BTS process to help you do the same.

As I said in the episode, “I know that you built your business for time freedom, abundance, and all the glorious things. In order to be the manifestor, the attractor to those things, live them now. Create them now. Build the boundaries and the business standards now.”


  • The Shamelessly Ambitious Podcast break
  • What CEO boundaries do you need to move into?
  • What holiday boundaries are you calling in?
  • Setting aside time for reflections & projections for the new year and some bonus questions & prompts
  • The importance of carving out time to audit your life & your business
  • Taking time to work ON my business rather than IN my business
  • How to work with me in 2023

Thanks for listening. Thanks for being here.

See you right back here on February 14th, 2023 – the day of love, my friend.

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