Episode 81: Healing to Help Others Heal and Realizing Love Is Easy with Molly Rasanen

Filed in Emotional Intelligence, Podcast — November 8, 2022

About the Episode

In this episode of the Shamelessly Ambitious Podcast, I’m talking with a dear friend, client, holistic healer, and life coach who coincidentally attended her own Ayahuasca retreat experience about a week after I did, Molly Rasanen. 

Molly and I have been chatting a lot about our experiences, breakthroughs, and shifts both of us have felt since our Ayahuasca ceremonies. We were both incredibly moved by the experiences we had. Molly shares the conscious awakening of her traumatic birth she experienced and how she had distrust for her mother and women in general since day one, literally. This was a no-brainer to get on a call together and have this conversation in real-time while both Molly and my experiences are still so fresh.

In this episode, we release some of the shame that can come as a result of these unresolved issues around love, healing, motherhood, and womanhood.


  • The traumatic experience Molly consciously relived during her Ayahuasca ceremony and how it opened her eyes to something that’s been holding her back from women, specifically her mother
  • Expectations around giving and receiving love
  • Womanhood and Motherhood
  • Accepting that love that can be easy and fulfilling
  • Healing to help others heal

To catch up on the episodes where I shared my experience with Ayahuasca, go to:


Instagram: @mollyrasanen

Website: imperfectly-aligned.com

The Conscious Collective: imperfectly-aligned.com/conscious-collective

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