The Momentum Project: Episodes 50-79

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About the Momentum Project

The Momentum Project is finally here! During the month of October, I released a daily dose of mentorship inside the Shamelessly Ambitious Podcast meaning 30 episodes, one for every day of the month.

In the first episode, I’m talking about our beliefs – because that’s where everything starts. We cannot outdo our beliefs. I don’t care what strategy, business tactics, funnels, or whatever you have behind the scenes in your business (or life); I simply do not care. If you do not have the beliefs to back them up, you are starting at the wrong place.

How To Create Your Own Rebirth & Rebrand (The Momentum Project: Day 1)

The Affirmation-Confirmation Loop (The Momentum Project: Day 2)

Using Your Intuition To Know What You Want (The Momentum Project: Day 3)

My Secret Strategy for 20K Months (The Momentum Project: Day 4)

Success On Your Terms Is Possible (The Momentum Project: Day 5)

Life Lessons From A Digital Nomad (The Momentum Project: Day 6)

Who Would You Be If You Could Not Fail? (The Momentum Project: Day 7)

The Key to ‘F YES’ Energy & Inevitable Success (The Momentum Project: Day 8)

My Journey To Inner Healing With Ayahuasca (The Momentum Project: Day 9)

Ayahuasca Night 1 – Creating From Possibility (The Momentum Project: Day 10)

Ayahuasca Night 2 – Healing Together (The Momentum Project: Day 11)

Ayahuasca Night 3 – Evolution Through Love (The Momentum Project: Day 12)

Build A Business You’re Obsessed With (The Momentum Project: Day 13)

My Best Launch Had No Expectations (The Momentum Project: Day 14)

The Three Things I Do To Make Thousands (The Momentum Project: Day 15)

Want To Coach Better? Be Your Best Client (The Momentum Project: Day 16)

The Only Real Way To Gain Confidence (The Momentum Project: Day 17)

How To Love Showing Up On Instagram (The Momentum Project: Day 18)


The Momentum Podcast Courses have arrived!

Go-at-your-own-pace-private-podcast-freaking courses. This means you can listen on your own time, 2x the speed, listen in your car, at the gym, while you’re doing dishes, or even out for a walk. It really doesn’t matter. You can do anything you want while tuning into some of my most sought-after courses, POTENT, DEVOTED, BOUNTIFUL, plus a never before offered live program called EMBODIED.

And I’ve put them all into a podcast format just for you. I cannot wait for you to hear what’s in store and to take your life and your business to the next level.

>>> Get them here:





Something Sneaky Is Costing You Money (The Momentum Project: Day 19)

The Messages In The Low Vibe Days (The Momentum Project: Day 20)

The Only “Niche” You’ll Ever Need (The Momentum Project: Day 21)

How I Started My Online Business (The Momentum Project: Day 22)

Get More Done With Less Time (The Momentum Project: Day 23)

Change Your Life By Doing This In Your Biz (The Momentum Project: Day 24)

You Can Magnetize Clients To You (The Momentum Project: Day 25)

Using Human Design To Up Your Social Media (The Momentum Project: Day 26)

How Much Fun Are You Having In Your Business? (The Momentum Project Day 27)

Patient With Results, Impatient With Action (The Momentum Project Day 28)

What To Do When Everything Feels Hard (The Momentum Project: Day 29)

Cultivating Inevitable Success From Within (The Momentum Project: Day 30)

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Ash McDonald is a 3 time founder and multi 6-figure CEO. She’s a therapist turned business mentor that helps female founders scale their legacy with a psych-backed, human-first approach. She studied at the University of Northern Colorado where she received her BA in Sociology and holds 2 masters degrees from the University of Colorado Denver in Counseling Psychology & Sociology. 

Before stepping into full-time CEO, Ash ran a private practice where she served and helped patients for 4 years. During this time, she also provided consulting & business strategy to other aspiring private practice therapists. After closing her practice she continued her entrepreneurial journey in the network marketing space - successfully owning & operating two separate six figure companies. During her 7 years in network marketing, she spoke on stages in front of thousands, traveled around the world to consult with other business owners, and established herself as an industry leader. 

In 2019 Ash founded her online coaching & consulting business that she’s spent the last 4 years building into the empire that is Ash McDonald, LLC today. Best known for her therapy-backed approach – Ash merges sales psychology, therapy and strategy to help female founders create soul-aligned businesses and scale their legacy. 

She believes that being bold enough to build a business takes so much more than strategy and perfectly timed schedules. It takes tapping into your humanness, being willing to hold space for your dreams and the space for the people you serve, while addressing your own emotional intelligence, sense of safety and expanded nourishment. She believes that every woman is layered & individually unique and therefore requires a personalized & multidimensional approach of coaching. With this strategy, she’s successfully helped hundreds of women establish their brand identity and find their voice, build offer suites that are in complete alignment and scale their businesses to new heights. 

Ash McDonald is your coach's coach…or at least you hope she is. 

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