Episode 96: The Piece You’re Missing When It Comes To Achieving Your Goals

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Welcome back to Shamelessly Ambitious, this is episode 96! Today, we are going to dive into the fascinating topic of aligning our goals with who we truly are at our core. As entrepreneurs, we often set big, audacious goals and strive for memorability, but forget to evaluate if these goals align with our values, desires, and current season of life which is equally as important. Tune in to episode 96 with me as I share a conversation from the CEO mastermind group and explore the significance of finding alignment in our business and personal lives.

Recently On The Topic Of Alignment

Recently inside the CEO mastermind, which by the by, is an extraordinary group of women who fill my cup so much, I asked a question which turned into a thought-provoking conversation about relationships, visibility, and the journey of entrepreneurship. We discussed the importance of being both loved and hated, but also raised a vital question: Are we truly enjoying the ride? This question, paired with our monthly theme of alignment, sparked a conversation that I knew needed to come over to the podcast.

The Importance Of Goal-Alignment Connection

As we continued the conversation inside Voxer, we contemplated whether our business goals were genuinely aligned with who we are and what we are willing to do to achieve them. As I mentioned, it’s easy to set ambitious goals without considering the sacrifices, investments, and commitments they entail. && I know what you’re thinking, “Ash, we are here to build a business without sacrifice!” Let’s be real, we can do that, but there’s always going to be some kind of sacrifice whether that’s time on business calls, money for mentorship, or energy to create a program. However, we are here to build a business that doesn’t sacrifice our quality of life and that’s the important part to remember here. True alignment requires us to examine whether the actions needed to reach those goals resonate with our season of life and personal values. If our goals and current state don’t match up, we need to reevaluate things so that we aren’t sacrificing quality of life by falling into a state of overwhelm or burnout.

Achieving alignment within our business demands self-reflection and radical self-leadership. This is where we ought to dive into the nitty-gritty details of our aspirations and honestly assess what it will take to get there. From brainstorming your goal to achieving it, this includes evaluating the amount of content creation, financial investments, time commitments, and more. In order to avoid burnout, it’s necessary to align our aspirations with our current capacities, and be honest about our willingness to invest in the necessary support and guidance. I will say that sometimes our capacity is greater than what we originally thought – tune in to episode 92 to hear more on this topic.

You Don’t Have To Do It All Alone

Something I’ve witnessed and even experienced myself is the inclination to tackle our goals without seeking external support or guidance. Many entrepreneurs attempt to piecemeal a free resource or cheap program together, but they disregard the importance of tailored expertise and mentorship. To ensure true alignment, we must recognize when we need assistance and be willing to invest in the right tools, programs, and team members who can guide us along the way. This is something a lot of people can get stuck on because we don’t see the value in investing in other people to help us reach our goals. Imagine the time you could save by investing in a team of two people, that is nearly an instant ROI on your investment! I understand not everyone has the budget for outsourcing projects and if this is you, please don’t feel any shame, just take radical responsibility and get realistic about what it will take to do it on your own.

Creeping Down Burnout Avenue

When we feel ourselves starting to veer off course or succumb to burnout, that’s when we ought to take the time to have really honest conversations with ourselves. When we do this, we can look at the alignment between our goals and desires to then make informed decisions about the sacrifices we’re willing or not willing to make. If we find that the necessary actions don’t resonate with our current season of life or values, it’s absolutely ok to adjust our goals. Tune in to this episode to hear about a personal dialogue I had with myself of a goal I saw, but wasn’t willing to do what it would take to achieve said goal.

Trust In Yourself

One of the crucial steps in building self-trust is ensuring true alignment between our goals and what we’re willing to invest to achieve them. When the actions required to reach our objectives don’t align with our values or current circumstances, burnout peeks its shitty little head from around the corner. I say slam the door on burnouts face by prioritizing alignment, staying true to your values, desires, and well-being, and creating the most dreamy CEO life.

Choose goals that authentically align with your values and desires and reclaim your power. It’s crucial to recognize that adjusting goals or shifting directions is not a sign of failure, rather, it’s an act of self-awareness and self-care, and ultimately, self-leadership. Embrace conscious decision-making so you can ensure that your life feels exceptional.

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