Episode 98: Your Income Starts Here

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Hey you, my fellow ambitious soul! Welcome back to Shamelessly Ambitious. I’m thrilled to have you tuning into episode number 98. Can you believe we’re just two episodes away from 100?! I’m beyond excited and already brainstorming ways to make it a juicy AF, party-filled episode. But before we get there, let’s take a moment to celebrate every milestone along the way. Because let’s face it, celebrations are essential for growth and progress.

In fact, celebrating is a topic that’s been on my mind a lot lately because I have had so many epic, big wins lately. Many of my clients, both current & past, continuously reach out to share their incredible wins with me. If you know me, you know my first question to them is always…

“How are you celebrating?”

It’s important not to move through our goals without acknowledging and savoring the moment. So, consider this your gentle reminder to celebrate your achievements, whether big or small, in your business and beyond. You deserve it.

I also wanted to share about something I’ve been working on behind the scenes — my brand new program called Innovate. This program is a culmination of my experience and expertise, capturing the essence of what made my business successful. It’s a blend of foundational elements and scalable strategies that will blow your mind. I’m honestly still searching for the right words to describe it because it’s simply that amazing. But one critical aspect that I discuss in Innovate that I wanted to focus on today is the power of your free content.


When building your offer suite, many people overlook the significance of sharing free content. We tend to get caught up in what we’re selling and how we’re selling it, but forget about the nurturing, service, and value we provide well before someone becomes a paying customer. That’s where forms of service like podcasts, Instagram, blog posts, emails, and even Pinterest come into play. These platforms allow you to deliver free, valuable content that builds trust, establishes your expertise, and nurtures your audience so they feel comfortable with the initial investment into your business. For example, my podcast is like… the bee’s knees of my offer suite. It’s where I pour my heart and soul into sharing actionable insights and life-changing advice twice a week. Twice a freaking week, people!!

By tuning into my podcast, you gain a wealth of knowledge and get to know me on a deeper level. This builds the “know, like, and trust” factor, which is an essential component of any successful business relationship. The same goes for my Instagram content — feed posts, reels, and, my favorite: behind-the-scenes stories. It’s all about providing a ton of value and opening the door to invite people into my world.

Free content goes beyond podcasts and social media, though. It also includes free masterclasses, lead magnets, and freebies that provide immense value to your audience, too. With these types of offerings, clients can enter your world by exchanging their email address for your precious resources.


My freebies like Focused and Move provide instant access to high-quality content and a taste of my paid offers. Specifically, Move which is the first few trainings to a paid program of mine called Overflow, really gives potential clients a taste of my style and it all came from a pre-existing paid offer! Once they’re in Move, they get upsold into Overflow, but, these freebies serve as an entry point to my business and enable me to continue serving my audience before they decide to invest in me.

When building your offer suite, it’s crucial to think about the various touch points where people experience you. Do you have a strong presence on social media or are you posting & ghosting? Are you consistently delivering valuable content through multiple channels like Instagram, emails, and Pinterest? Are you nurturing and supporting your audience, even when they haven’t made a purchase? Answering these questions will help you develop a legacy-minded business that emphasizes a remarkable experience for every person who comes into contact with your brand.

Hear the nitty gritty of what I believe to be the ACTUAL first pillar of your offer suite in the episode above.

Love you & rooting for you always,


INNOVATE – https://ashmcdonald.thrivecart.com/innovate/

EMPIRE SOCIETY – https://ashmcdonaldmentoring.com/the-empire-society

OVERFLOW – https://ashmcdonald.thrivecart.com/overflow-podcourse/

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