Cringey Yet Glorified Industry No-No’s – Shamelessly Ambitious Episode 118

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Hello, my friend. 🖤 I want to open up a candid conversation about some of the very cringey, yet glorified, industry practices that have been plaguing the coaching world. 

I believe that the only way we can truly grow and improve as service providers in this very unregulated industry is to be open to constructive criticism and engage in these vital conversations.

A few weeks ago, I took to Instagram to discuss my polarizing opinions and beliefs about the coaching industry. But instead of just sharing my thoughts, I wanted to hear from you, too. I asked you to share your experiences, the cringey industry practices you’ve witnessed or have even been a part of, and boy, did you deliver. 

I’m diving into your responses, reflecting on the mistakes I’ve made, and determining the path forward to a more ethical and authentic coaching industry.

Without further ado, here are the top cringiest industry no-nos:


One of the top industry no-nos that was highlighted is throwing another entrepreneur under the bus to boost your own image. I’ve talked about this before – tune in to episode 114 of Shamelessly Ambitious to hear all about – but it’s worth repeating. It is not okay to put someone else down to make yourself look better and it never will be. It’s crucial to approach this industry with a human-first mentality, showing respect for other humans who are just trying to leave an impact, like you. && speaking of colleagues, the coaching community is more than just competition. We ought to shift our perspective from competitors to colleagues. Each person in this industry has their unique story and experiences that led them to where they are. By supporting and learning from one another, we can collectively elevate the coaching field.


Another cringe-worthy practice is using boundaries as an excuse for not being fully present for your clients. Yiiikes, I hate to even admit that I’ve been guilty of this in the past, and I’m not proud of it. While setting boundaries is important, we ought to find balance between maintaining healthy limits and delivering on our promises to clients. If someone invests in your services, they deserve your undivided attention and support.


Pricingggg. I could get on a soapbox about this because freaking everybody is a coach nowadays and there is no regulation in this industry. I do believe that a high level of experience can allow you to lead someone through a coaching program, but it seems people are becoming coaches after 5 minutes of experience and no expertise. Let me just say that if your expertise is not increasing, your pricing shouldn’t be either. Now, hold up, that’s not to say that you shouldn’t value yourself, but it is to say that if you are not actively seeking ways to grow your expertise, your value shouldn’t be getting any greater… sorry not sorry. It’s all too common for coaches to over-promise and under-deliver when it comes to the value they provide. Overpromising can lead to disappointment and damage your reputation in the long run and that’s something that we want to cherish.


Another practice that needs to be addressed is the misuse of pain point marketing. While it is a common strategy to address pain points, it does nothing to connect to your client. Rather, it’s crucial to focus on the transformation and possibilities your coaching can offer.

Ugh, I hate it, I hate it, I hate it. Pain point marketing brings about more harm than good because it highlights things your potential clients are ashamed of. Ditch the pain, ditch the shame.


Someone also mentioned the issue of making unrealistic claims, such as showcasing money wins that don’t accurately represent your successes or your clients’. Ultimately, this comes down to integrity. Be honest about the results you can genuinely deliver and avoid making guarantees that you can’t fulfill.


Ahhhh, the ultimate goal of creating freedom as a CEO, but once you’ve attained said freedom, disappearing from the face of the earth and hanging your clients out to dry. You wouldn’t be where you are and making the kind of money you do if it weren’t for your clients. Are you living your “freedom girl life” and painting a picture online that you do whatever you want, whenever you want because you have so much money? Reality check, that money is coming from clients that you aren’t actively fucking serving because you are choosing to be unavailable. Don’t prioritize personal freedom over serving your clients. It’s so important to honor your commitment to your clients who put their trust in you. Building a successful coaching business requires dedication and authenticity that you can have alongside freedom as well.


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