Million Dollar Mindset – Shamelessly Ambitious Episode 117

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Money. That elusive, magical little object that often holds more weight in our lives than we’d like to admit. Buuut, everybody loves money. Let’s be honest, so don’t leave me now, even if you’re like, “oh, I’ve had this conversation before…” No, no, no. We ought to be having more conversations around money because we tend not to recognize how powerful the beliefs that we have are. 

During a BTS discussion with a client in one of my minimind groups, she said she was feeling super comfortable with her finances, but found herself very unmotivated which sparked a conversation around holding momentum in your business. It’s important to continue looking for the “why” in order to ensure that you can continue showing up… because these feelings happen! We dove into the realm of money beliefs and those sneaky thoughts that shape the ebbs and flows of money within our lives.

As we explored the concept that these thoughts often stem from our internal beliefs around money, we stumbled upon the common desire that entrepreneurs have: creating passive income. Who doesn’t want some sources of passive income? && if you say you’re not interested in that, you’re lying.

The thought of money flowing effortlessly into our lives while we sip our morning coffee and bask in the glory of financial independence – ahhh. But here’s the catch…

What are your beliefs around money coming to you without you “doing something” for it??

Do you believe it’s too good to be true, that you’re destined to earn every dollar the hard way? Do you believe that passive income correlates to you being “lazy?” Or maybe people would judge you because you “didn’t actually work for it” rather you “just put together an email sequence.”

Ah, yes. This is where the real soul-searching begins because you get to dig deep into your personal beliefs around money and the goals that you have. 

What is it that you’re holding onto and what is it that you want financially?

Ask yourself:

Right now…what am I after financially? 

Is it passive income?

Is it higher revenue months in my business?

Is it increasing my prices on coaching or creating a program so you can have that “one to many” effect?

Is it a bigger paycheck but not increasing your time investment inside your business?

Now after you’ve dug into this idea a little bit… keep going. Go through the “seven why’s” method to find the true root of why you want that goal. (If you’re not familiar with the seven why’s method send me a DM and I’lll walk you through it – it’s simple, but sooo effective!) Oftentimes, if not every time, people don’t want more money just to have a larger number in their bank account, they want more money because of the opportunities that it can bring or things it can buy.

Once you’ve found your deep “why” it’s time to figure out your beliefs around that particular thing? For example, if you want to have higher revenue months, what conditioning do you have around people who are currently making that amount of money?

I’ve done this practice before when I was first desiring to make more && let me tell ya, it wasn’t pretty. Throughout my whole journey I documented it all: my personal relationship with money, the conversations I needed to have with myself and others around money, the differing beliefs that exist in marriage around money, strategy, bookkeeping, budgeting, and balancing money. Literally no stone was left untouched because I knew if I wanted to massively scale my business, I needed to cover all the bases. After I mastered this myself, I took all my documentation and built out one of my most popular podcourses (a private podcast course), BOUNTIFUL, but let’s not jump ahead of ourselves just yet.

If you’ve followed me for some time, you’d know that I am no stranger to financial struggles. There are sooo many episodes you can tune into to hear more about the BTS of my finances or changing your money mindset like this one, this one, or this one. But, about six or seven years ago, my husband and I filed for bankruptcy… It truly was a full circle moment and you can listen to me get real emotional about it here. The moment we filed for bankruptcy forced me to reassess my beliefs around money and start building from the ground up. I remember wanting to bring in $10k months, but when I asked myself what I thought of people who make that kind of money, I had some icky subconscious feelings.

I didn’t want to turn into a monster of a person or have my family dislike me because I started to earn more, so I had to rewrite my belief system. Sure, we can always make it true that Joe Shmoe makes $10k a month and he does bad things and knowing that, now I associate all people who make that money with those bad things. But that doesn’t have to be the truth every time. 

Here’s the tea – once you recognize and challenge these beliefs, the real transformation begins. We hold incredible power to rewrite our narratives && to replace self-limiting beliefs with empowering ones. As I journeyed towards $20k, $30k, and even $40k months, I kept revisiting these beliefs and asking myself what does this amount of income mean about me? It wasn’t just about the money; it was about the energy, intention, and the integrity shifts that can change when you start to earn more.

At each milestone I asked myself these questions:

What does my life look like earning this amount of monthly income?

What are my actions?

What’s my integrity?

What are the conversations that I’m having? Noting that I can’t control how other people are going to respond to my successes, but I can control the beliefs that I’m going to carry and therefore the way I present myself and the energy with which I show up in this space.

Now I’m at $400k a year, what does this mean about me and what do I want next? I’ve been doing the work around a million dollars a year and the scariest thing that came up was the intense responsibility you carry when you make that much money. Liiikkkee wtf how much will I have to pay in taxes?!

I checked myself because if I believe something negative about making a million dollars a year, that’s the energy that I’m putting out and potentially blocking. I could talk all day about the masculine side of earning money and the strategies that ought to be in place to allow someone the chance to “say yes” to you, but on the flip side, the energetics around money matter so much. 

Taking it back to passive income, if you have some negative belief systems around money coming in through a passive funnel, you’re going to have to work on that first. Ya just have to because money beliefs can be the greatest detriment to our money goals or they could be the greatest invitation & greatest momentum builder.

If you have not enrolled in BOUNTIFUL yet, I highly, highly recommend that you do because it is full of really fucking good information that I like to tap back into myself when I need to change my money experience. && if you are enrolled in BOUNTIFUL but you’ve been feeling unmotivated like my dear client, tune in to the podcourse to re-light that fire under your booty.

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